Threads of Hope

Saturdays | 9am-11am | Shea A3
2024 Meeting Dates:
January 6, February 3, March 9, April 6, May 4, June 1, September 7, October 5, November 2


What is Threads of Hope?
The Threads of Hope ministry desires to make clothing for children in great need. Our garments are delivered by missions teams and overseas Christian organizations around the world. We meet monthly to sew shorts for boys and dresses for girls as well as occasional special projects. Our meetings include sewing, sorting, sizing, packing garments, fellowship, prayer and occasional special guest speakers. View photos of some girls receiving our dresses here.

How do I get started?
Attend our monthly meeting for information on our current needs. Some members bring machines and sew at our meetings while others prefer to sew at home. Most meetings are held on the 1st Saturday morning of each month and we break for fellowship, devotions, and Threads of Hope news at 10am. Drop in or stay the morning.

What fabrics should I use?
We primarily use 100% cotton. (No flag, holiday, cammo or cartoon prints.) Most of our participants purchase their own fabrics but we also have donated fabric, trims, and elastic available at our meetings. Charitable contribution forms are available for fabric purchases.

What patterns should I use?
Go to the “Dress and shorts patterns” links.

What else should I know about sewing for Threads of Hope?
We sew with love to make each garment as nice and as sturdy as possible. We want to send dresses and shorts that our own children and grandchildren would wear. For many recipients it is the only new garment they will ever receive and certainly the only one made just for them. Sewing a Threads of Hope label on every garment shows the child that someone far away cares about them.

For more information please email us at

 Dresses – Patterns, Instructions and Size Chart

  • Most sundresses are made from these patterns. Feel free to use a similar pattern of your choosing.
    • Simplicity – 1722
    • Simplicity – 2377
    • Simplicity – 5895
    • Simplicity – 5234
    • McCall’s – M6541
    • McCall’s – M7178
    • McCall’s – M6983
  • Simple Sundress

Skirts – Patterns, Instructions and Size Chart (skirts are best suited for girls size 12-16)

*Please consider donating a new, plain t-shirt to match so each girl receives a complete new outfit.

Shorts for Boys – Patterns and Instructions

Easy Pocket Pattern and Instructions 

Sewing Kits

Tips & Tricks

Magic Pillowcase Pattern

Fabric Headband


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