Financial Assistance & Stewardship

True stewardship means using our God given abilities to manage God-owned resources to accomplish God directed results. The Bible speaks more about finances and stewardship than any other subject. Our mission is to help you understand and apply biblical principles of stewardship to your life to glorify God and develop a stronger walk in Christ.

Through our Financial Stewardship ministry, you’ll learn what the Bible teaches about finances, budgeting, borrowing, goal-setting and stewardship. You will also receive tools and resources to help you get on a path of biblical stewardship and stay there.

Whether you are enjoying financial well-being or struggling financially, single or married, small group or individuals, have a lot of time for a class or only a little, there is something for you.

Our Financial Help Process
If you are experiencing a financial need, call 480.824.7235, to leave a message on our Financial Help line. One of our Stewards of the Day (SOD) will call and discuss how we might be able to help you. The SODs answer the messages left on the Financial Help Line Monday through Thursday.  This is our process for requesting financial help of any kind.

If you find yourself in the hospital or a rehabilitation center, let us know so we can give you encouragement and pray with you. Or if you know of anyone who may need a visit, let us know by contacting Jessica Neill at 480.824.7334, or by filling out a Communication Card during a worship service.

Financial Coaching

Our experienced financial coaches will meet with you individually to assist with your financial questions or challenges with your spending patterns.

  • Pay off your debt
  • Stretch your paycheck
  • Move from barely giving to generous giving
  • Save for a rainy day
Request a Financial Coach

Please contact Jessica Neill to volunteer as a financial coach. Or call 480.824.7334 for more information.


Finances can be stressful, no matter how much or little money you have. FreedUp offers true financial freedom by equipping you to manage money in healthy, biblical ways. It’s for people in any financial situation, whether in crisis or doing great. Begin your freedom journey by downloading the app and joining an on-campus group!

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Helping Hands Ministry

The Helping Hands ministry exists to support those in our congregation and the community who have limited financial resources or physical restrictions. Our group of volunteers are available for projects such as small household repairs, landscaping needs, or assistance with computers or electronic equipment as well as occasional help with meals or donations of household items.

Thank you for understanding that our ability to fill your request depends on a myriad of factors including availability of appropriately skilled volunteers, scheduling coordination, and the scope of the request. Helping Hands volunteers hold a current cleared background check; scheduling of a job assumes our volunteers will be held harmless.