Scottsdale Bible’s Marriage Ministry exists to encourage and equip couples to pursue a loving, vital and Christ-centered marriage. We believe that great marriages never happen by accident, but through a vision of Christ at the center, intentional effort and the right tools. We offer many opportunities to grow and strengthen your relationship, such as marriage preparation classes, community and friendship, education classes, and Bible studies. Information about our current marriage resources are listed below. For more information, please contact or call 480.824.7271. For information about weddings or pre-marital counseling, please contact our Weddings Coordinator at 480.824.7238.

For married couples seeking additional support, although our Marriage Ministry is unable to provide ongoing counseling, we can offer couples an appointment with a Marriage Ministry pastor or volunteer who can provide biblical principles and pastoral care for your marriage, as well as recommended next steps for continued community and support. If you are interested in an appointment with our Marriage Ministry pastor or one of his associates, please contact Sonia Cleverly at or 480.824.7271.

Our Counseling Ministry has a limited ability to offer marriage counseling sessions (up to 10 sessions) or can refer you to outside professional counselors.  If you and your spouse would like to apply for counseling, please do the following:

  • Go to our Counseling Ministry web page
  • Scroll down to “Request for Services”
  • Complete the Counseling Ministry Intake Form and the Office Policy and Privacy Notice Agreement
  • Please note that BOTH SPOUSES must complete both forms

Once your forms are submitted, someone from the Counseling Ministry will contact you regarding next steps.

Upcoming Events

We believe in the sacredness of marriage as described throughout the Bible, and we are committed to providing a biblical foundation for each marriage. Couples who wish to marry at Scottsdale Bible and/or who are married by an SBC pastor are required to complete pre-marital counseling; it is preferred that they participate in our Preparing for Marriage classes.

Our church facilities are available year-round, subject to availability.  For more information about our facilities and fees, please contact Carol Hubner at or 480.824.7238.

SBC has partnered with Right Now Media (RNM) to offer you more than 10,000 incredible video resources free of charge.  If you have a RNM account, click on any of the links below to be directed to their website.

If you don’t have a RNM account, click here to set up your free account.  RNM is available on your computer as well as many phone apps.

We especially recommend the following studies:

The Art of Marriage
Grace-Filled Marriage
You and Me Forever
Changes That Heal

  • Fill out the form below to receive email updates from our Marriage Pastor designed to encourage you and your spouse to grow closer to God and to each other. This update will give you biblical and practical ideas to ponder and will help you draw closer to God and your spouse. Each update will also list upcoming Marriage Ministry programming opportunities and events. Sign up here.

  • Write your prayer request below. If you would like someone from the Marriage Ministry to call you, please include your phone number. This form is submitted to the Marriage Pastor and Marriage Ministry Coordinator, and confidentially shared with the Marriage prayer team (no names or personal details are shared). Request prayer here.

  • All relationships take vision, intentional effort and the right tools to stay healthy and grow. These can be fostered through intentional quality time together in prayer and focused effort on specific areas of the relationship that a couple agrees upon. With literally thousands of books available on the topic of relationships, we’ve tried to narrow the field to some that the leaders in the Marriage Ministry have found helpful over the years. The listings here are those that we believe address each subject best. Recommended Reading.