Through practical training and real-world ministry experience, the Minister-in-Residence (MIR) Program of Scottsdale Bible Church prepares the next generation for full-time Christian ministry while completing a formal seminary education.

This program seeks to effectively affirm a call to ministry and to develop gifts and abilities toward more effective ministry. SBC’s high value of comprehensive theological training has led us to strategically partner with both Phoenix Seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary to offer academic credit to our Ministers-in-Residence toward the achievement of an advanced degree.  

Learn more about our Church Partnership Residency with Dallas Theological Seminary here.

For more information about this program, please contact Elise Bennett ( or 480.824.7248.

Meet our Minister-in-Residence team!



Dr. Kyle DiRoberts, MIR Program Chair

Kyle DiRoberts (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is department chair and associate professor of biblical and theological studies at Arizona Christian University (ACU) in Glendale, Arizona, as well as an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. He also serves as the director of the Minister-in-Residence (MIR) program at Scottsdale Bible Church. Kyle is married to Lolly and the father of Kaden, Oliver, and Carson. In his free time, you will find him with his wife and kids—his favorite people—going to concerts, cooking, traveling, eating good food, and coaching his boys in golf and baseball.

Kody DeHart

I joined the MIR Program in 2023 and am married to an amazing wife, Aubrie, who is my favorite person ever, second only to Jesus! I graduated in spring 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies and a minor in behavioral health. The following semester, I enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary’s Master of Theology program, where I continue to study theology today. Someday, I plan to build God’s Kingdom overseas as a missionary or steward the church in America through teaching. The MIR program has helped me aspire toward these goals by providing key relationships, creating an eye for excellence in my professional life, and providing teaching opportunities in a wide array of formats.

Ashlyn DiNuto

I am in my first year of the MIR program and have been married to my amazing husband Michael for just over a year! I graduated college in May of 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in ministry leadership. Six months later I started this program and am currently pursuing a Master of Theology. I am working in the worship ministry and would love to someday be a worship minister. The MIR program has helped me so much to grow not only in my skills and professional abilities, but also spiritually and pastorally. I have been given experiences to explore my spiritual gifts and to apply what I am learning into my ministry.

Meghan Johnson

I’m happily married to my husband, Chello, and together we’re proud parents to our children Zofia and Rock. My journey in full-time ministry spans almost 17 years, with a significant chapter of 10 years spent as a missionary in Slovakia. Currently, I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Christian studies at Phoenix Seminary, and hope to further my academic journey at Dallas Theological Seminary, aiming for a PhD. Two passions drive my life: helping people connect with and love God’s Word, and highlighting the critical importance of discipleship—being mentored by others and mentoring others in turn. What I love about the MIR program is its hands-on approach to theology. We don’t just sit in a classroom learning about God; we actively engage in various church ministries, putting our theological knowledge into practical practice. It’s about being the hands and feet of faith, not just talking about it.

Michael Solano

My beautiful wife, Mariela, and I are both from Costa Rica and currently doing ministry and completing our graduate degrees in Arizona. I graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and I am currently finishing my Master of Divinity from Phoenix Seminary. My aspiration is to go back to Costa Rica and serve in the church through teaching and preaching Scripture as well as providing guidance and support in the administrative and logistical aspects of ministry. The MIR program has given me the opportunity to grow in my relationship with Christ, have a better perspective on what ministry really is, and develop in the practical aspects of an executive role in the church.

Steven Widger

I am a born and raised Phoenician and married to my wife, Tessa, a godly woman who challenges me to become more like Christ every day. I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2020 with a double degree in Christian studies and business management. I am currently attending Dallas Theological Seminary and am looking to graduate in 2025 with my ThM (Master of Theology). I would love to help develop the next generation of resilient disciples by being an evangelist for the U.S. and being a “lighthouse” that rescues the lost and provides direction for the found. My time as an MIR has helped develop me into someone who can lead, teach, preach, and shepherd God’s flock. I have also benefited from the investment of pastors on staff whose investment of time and energy has helped me become the man of God I am today.

Johnny Foster

I graduated from Grand Canyon University in December of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising. Currently, I am in my first year of the MIR program here at SBC, working towards completing a Master of Theology (ThM) at Dallas Theological Seminary. The ministries of SBC have been a blessing to me as well as an integral part of my personal spiritual formation. I could not be more excited to be a part of this team as I grow in my knowledge of God’s Word and become equipped for a life of vocational ministry.

Sarah Landers

I am currently pursuing my degree at Dallas Theological Seminary with hopes of jumping into whatever ministry God may lead me to after graduation. I have a passion for the hurting, marginalized, and broken. My goal is to build the kingdom of God by walking His children out of the darkness and into His marvelous light. I am happily married to my husband Dawson, we have two puppies, and I am so grateful for the life we have. The MIR program is a huge answer to prayer as I pray and pursue what the Lord has called me to.



Q: Who is the ideal SBC MIR Program candidate?
A: Scottsdale Bible Church is seeking to train and develop the next generation of full-time vocational ministry leaders to pursue the work of the Church—here at SBC and in the Kingdom at large. Ideally, our Ministers-in-Residence have an affirmed call to ministry and are looking for an opportunity to gain practical training toward a future pastoral career, a theological education, and development of their unique gifts as their call is matured.

Q: What areas of ministry work are available to MIRs?
A: As a full-service church, SBC has many ministry areas in which we can develop future pastoral staff. Placement opportunities are available in areas of Spiritual Formation (Men’s, Women’s, Groups), Family (Marriage, Children, Students, Young Adults), Outreach (Local and Global), and even areas of Church Administration. To maximize development and training, our MIRs are regularly considered and evaluated for placement rotation to new ministry areas throughout their time in the program. We intentionally balance the development needs of our MIRs with the logistical needs of SBC in all placement decisions. ***In addition to the above-mentioned ministry areas, we dedicate one MIR opening for a Worship & Arts candidate. This MIR will work exclusively in this ministry area for the duration of his/her program.

Q: What is the time commitment required of an MIR?
A: SBC MIRs are onboarded as part-time employees and expected to work in their ministry placement for approximately 20 hours per week in addition to simultaneously pursuing a full-time seminary course load. Because of this expectation, additional outside employment is highly discouraged and must ultimately be approved by the MIR Committee for admission/continuation in the program. We believe the SBC MIR Program is a challenging but wholly worthwhile opportunity!

Q: Does an applicant have to be currently attending seminary to be considered?
A: Ideally an applicant to our program has not yet begun his/her seminary program. Neither does an applicant have to be already admitted to a seminary program to be considered. However, any offer of employment will be contingent upon full admission to a qualifying graduate seminary program prior to the employment start date. Applicants who have already begun a seminary program are still welcome to apply and will be fully considered; however, this factor will be assessed in the context of mutual SBC/MIR value of investment.

Q: What is considered a qualifying graduate seminary program?
A: Ideally, SBC MIRs will be enrolled in a graduate (master’s level) program through Dallas Theological Seminary (online program). If an MIR applicant wishes to attend a different seminary, this must be approved in the context of alignment with SBC’s Statement of Faith. An MIR is eligible to pursue a terminal degree of master’s level or equivalent; pursuit of a doctoral level degree is incongruent with the purpose of our program.

Q: Does the MIR Program include financial compensation?
A: SBC MIRs are compensated for their part-time employment at an established annual rate of $26,208. Additionally, a generous tuition (up to 100%) scholarship is offered depending on the seminary chosen. As a part-time employee, an MIR is ineligible for healthcare and PTO benefits.

Q: Does the MIR Program include housing?
A: The MIR program does not include housing.

Q: Can SBC assist with work permits or visas for international applicants?
A: MIR candidates are required to be eligible for work in the United States to be considered for our program; SBC is unable to assist with this process. In some cases, the seminary to which an MIR is admitted may be able to assist with a student visa. An international applicant should check with his/her seminary regarding options for assistance with student work permit/visa needs.

Q: Does an MIR have to attend Scottsdale Bible Church?
A: While many of our MIR candidates are not current attendees at the time of their application, acceptance into our program (as an SBC employee) is contingent upon a candidate agreeing to attendance at SBC as well as church membership. SBC membership requires agreement with our Statement of Faith and Statement on Marriage and Sexuality.

Q: How long is the SBC MIR Program?
A: The SBC MIR program is a three (3) year development program; as such, MIRs are eligible for a renewal of their employment for up to three (3) years. As an SBC employee, MIRs are subject to all HR policies and expectations.

Q: How many MIRs are included in the SBC MIR Program?
A: The number of MIRs in our program varies depending on our annual budget capacity. Although all MIRs work individually in their assigned ministry areas, they work together as a cohort in additional arenas of our program designed for their collective development and support of each other—professionally, spiritually, relationally, and educationally.

Q: When does the next MIR Program start?
A: The SBC MIR Program does not include designated start/end times. We are open to applications and onboarding of new MIRs at any time. If we do not currently have an opening in our program, we always welcome applications who can be fully considered for future openings.

Q: Does SBC provide job placement support for graduated MIRs?
A: Yes! SBC is fully committed to the best of our ability to help our MIRs find full-time pastoral ministry placements—at Scottsdale Bible Church or other churches in the local community, across the United States, or even internationally. Within six (6) months of the program end, SBC will begin a process of helping an MIR prepare for employment, including: the creation of teaching videos, resume review, letters of recommendation, interview practice, and personal connections to other churches. Further, SBC MIRs are always highly considered for positions that become available on our own church staff. We love it when one of our MIRs is the perfect candidate for one of our open positions!

Q: How can I get more information about the SBC MIR program and/or apply?
A: Please email our Executive Coordinator of Staff Development, Elise Bennett, at with any additional questions or to request an information/application packet.