Membership Class

Sunday, June 23 | 11am | North Ridge A1
Sunday, June 23 | 9am | Cactus Ministry Life Building
Sunday, June 23 | 11am | Shea A8
Sunday, August 18 | 12:30pm | Fountain Hills Discovery Kids

Membership at SBC is a meaningful way to deepen your commitment and actively contribute to our mission. As a valued member, you will play an essential role in sharing the message of Jesus, nurturing others in their faith, and positively influencing lives. You will also gain insight into the vision and operations of our church as you actively participate in important decisions. Membership invites you to take ownership of your faith journey through engaging in service, regularly attending, and experiencing a deeper sense of community.

If you are ready for this exciting next step of becoming a member of SBC, attend our one-hour class where you’ll learn more about us and receive a membership application.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our church family! Sign up below for the next class.

If you have any questions regarding membership at SBC, please email

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