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Where is God Calling Us to Go?

Scottsdale Bible Church is called to carry out God’s mission and “Get Out There.” After His resurrection, Jesus commanded His followers to “Go…and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). We are a “sending” church and mobilize God’s people by raising up long-term global workers, sending short-term teams, partnering with national ministry leaders in several countries, and responding to spiritual and physical needs around the world.

We pray God continues to raise up more “workers for the harvest” to send as SBC’s next generation of leaders and challenge you to ask God where He is calling you to join us.

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Michael Solano

Minister-in-Residence &
Pastor of Global Outreach

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Our Focus

Global Outreach is intentionally focused on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for two key reasons. The need for the gospel in these spiritually dark areas is great, and we have existing strengths in these regions.

Europe – Our church family has a natural affinity for Europe, and our senior pastor has a heart to impact this culture where only 2.9% claim to follow Jesus.

Middle-East – With Jordan, Turkey, and North Africa as engagement points, SBC’s numerous supported workers are reaching Muslims within the world’s largest religious block of unreached people.

Africa – SBC’s Tanzania Project is an anchor point, and we hope to expand into North Africa where there is a tremendous need for the gospel.

Our Methods

SBC engages in two primary ways:

Sending our own disciples. We send both short-term and long-term workers through our direct partnerships and trusted sending agencies. Working with these current sending partners optimizes our impact:

Partnering directly with indigenous, national leaders. While partnerships are continually being developed; these are our current connections:

Our Tactics

Based on the strengths of our SBC family, we provide strategic care in three primary categories:

Education – Training and teaching are core to SBC’s DNA, and we are passionate about investing in leaders who will impact their communities. Our partnerships include Tyndale House (UK), Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary, and two schools in Tanzania.

Local Church-centric – Everything we do for the global church should somehow link through local churches. Our ministry experience allows us to invest in local churches to empower their efforts to reach people and build the global Church.

Defending the Vulnerable – SBC has a sensitive heart for the marginalized, wounded, and outcast. Our schools, child-sponsorships, and “outside the gates” ministry in Tanzania; our refugee ministry; and our efforts to serve the persecuted Church are examples of efforts in this area.



Equipping Christian Leaders and Pastors in Europe

SBC is committed to equipping Christian leaders and pastors in Europe, a nation that is faltering spiritually. Through our partnership with the European Leadership Forum (ELF) and Pastor Jamie’s leadership on the board, we are helping more than 800 evangelical leaders from 59 countries gain training, mentoring, and networking. SBC also provides financial support and sends a volunteer team to facilitate the conference each year.

ELF Conference Details


First Monday of the month
6:30–8pm | Grace Chapel

There are many ways to support our global partners and staff, and prayer is one of the most powerful ways to do that, especially when the people we want to support are far away. Come join us each month as we pray for our global partners and staff who are working heartily for the Lord!

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