Scottsdale Bible Church, is called to “get out there” by Jesus Himself! After His resurrection, He commanded the disciples to “Go…and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). We participate in this Great Commission primarily in three ways: Reaching the Unreached, Equipping the Global Church, and Defending the Vulnerable. We send Short-Term Teams, partner with national ministry leaders in several countries, and respond to spiritual and physical needs around the world.

We are a “sending” Church, which means the Lord has raised up long-term global workers from our Church family and we have been blessed to help send them to the nations. We are praying God continues to raise up more “workers for the harvest” to be sent from SBC’s next generation of leaders (Luke 10:2). We hope you enjoy visiting our Global Outreach pages. I also want to challenge you to ask God to show you where He is calling you to join us!

Missionaries’ Prayer Requests

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  • Three billion people live where there is little or no access to the gospel. The Church is small or non-existent. There are very few Christians. They are unreached. Scottsdale Bible Church has families and individuals who are boldly serving in these dark places. To learn more about where God is moving and how SBC is connected in these parts of our world, click here.

  • SBC missionaries are helping to strengthen the local Church wherever they serve. The Church is God’s plan to reach the world…and the global Church is growing! The needs for discipleship, leadership development, and economic stability, are huge. Whether our missionaries are serving in the Americas, Europe, Africa, or Asia, the work they are doing is helping to mature and reproduce the local Church. Read more here.

  • God’s heart breaks for the marginalized. The Bible reveals this aspect of God’s compassion (Ps. 82:3; Prov. 31:9; Isaiah 1:17). Our global partners are on the front lines and meeting needs of the poor, the marginalized, the orphans, and the widows. As our missionaries meet these tremendous physical needs, they are given the opportunity to meet the even greater spiritual need of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more here.

We are called to obey Jesus’ command to “go make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:18-20).

Short-term mission trips are one of the ways we grow our own faith, and it is how we get to meet our global partners and serve alongside them. We offer a variety of trips through our disciple-making ministries at each of our SBC Campuses. Whether it is through our YTH ministry, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, or one of our Campus teams, we’d love to encourage you to join us as we Get Out There! Some of our short-term trips are listed below, but we also encourage you to visit the webpages of the ministry you are involved with to see what trips they each have coming up.

To fill out an application and sign up to be a team member, click here.

Our primary global partnerships are in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, but we do have short-term teams participating in Latin America as well. SBC has made a major commitment to minister to leaders throughout Europe by sending logistical support teams to the annual European Leadership Forum in Poland.

Have you ever thought about serving globally? In this new class, you will learn about what opportunities there are for you in the Great Commission and help you discover the role God might be calling you into. You will learn about the roles of Learner, Goer, Welcomer, and Intercessor on the mission field. Come as you are and be inspired by what God is doing in the world!



Since 2004, Scottsdale Bible Church has had a relationship with two communities in Tanzania, Mairowa and Kondoa. We have partnered with a local Tanzanian ministry called Ereto East Africa Foundation to provide primary school education. We have also facilitated improved medical and dental health, participated in community development, provided leadership training for pastors and lay leaders, and demonstrated the love of Christ through these activities.

SBC supports the operational costs of the Mairowa and Kondoa primary schools through a Sponsorship Program and provides construction funds through participation in fundraising events. We also encourage participation in short-term mission trips to Tanzania.


We are so thankful that currently all of our children have sponsors! New children are always being added to the program, so check back again later in the year to see the photos of children who need sponsors. To learn more or to be added to our waitlist for sponsoring a child, contact Bonnie at 480.824.7230.

If you already sponsor a child, click the donate button to set up or make a regular payment.

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God’s desire is for everyone to know Him. Jesus is sending His Church to reach the unreached (John 20:21). Today over three billion people live outside of the realm of God’s Church. They lack access to the gospel. Most of these “Unreached People Groups” live in the Muslim world, the Hindu world, and the Buddhist world. In fact, ‘Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims have relatively little contact with Christians. In each case, over 86% of these religionists globally do not personally know a Christian.’

SBC has projects and partnerships in these parts of our world and we will continue to increase our impact among the unreached. We can’t list all of our ministry partners here due to security reasons as many are working in sensitive areas, but these workers listed here will give you a taste of some of the spiritually dark places where we are taking the light of Jesus.

Todd M. Johnson and Kenneth R. Ross, Atlas of Global Christianity 1910-2010 (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2009), 261.

SBC Missionaries Reaching the Unreached:
Adrian & Sandra A. | N. Africa
Trilochan Bag | India
Hany D. | Middle East
Walt E. | SE Asia, S. America
Eric & Lisa G. | North Africa
Steven K. | Middle East
S. & J. Mac | N. Africa
Mariano & Fanny Pineda | Spain
Erika P. | Middle East
Kelly Quek | U.S. International Students (ASU)
Tim & Theresa S. | Middle East
Cathy Wilson | U.S.
Carlos & Sylvia Z. | SE Asia

Jesus told his early followers to be His “witnesses” (Acts 1:8). He also established His Church to be this long-term witness in a community (Matthew 16:18). The Church is God’s plan to reach the world. All of the work we do in Global Outreach Ministry at SBC will be firmly rooted in and through local Churches wherever we serve.

As SBC works to strengthen the local Church in all the places we serve, these Churches will grow, mature, and transform their communities. We will also encourage these national Churches to become “sending” Churches themselves. We are praying they will begin to send missionaries from places like Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia!

SBC Missionaries Equipping the Global Church:
James & Karen Ashley. | Pacific Islands
Fred & Kristin Beasley | Middle East
Jeff & Jackie Benedict | Africa, Asia
Isaias & Ginny Colop-Xec | Guatemala
Dave & Kathy Cottrell | Africa
Tyrel & Natalie Good | Czech Republic
Tamas & Virag Gyori | Hungary
Maher & Suhair H. | N. Africa
Ester Jankovicova | Slovakia
Noah & Lucy Johnson | Slovakia
Gary & Paty Jones | Dominican Republic
Scott & Christina MacIntyre | US/Global
Werner & Daphne Mischke | U.S./Global
Bob & Judy Moffitt | U.S./Global
Rick & Heather Peacock | Latin America
Bruce & Pam Sider | N. Africa
Pavel & Jane Sinko | Slovakia
Eugene Sologunbenco | Moldova
Ivan & Ester Staron | Slovakia
Willy & Marilina Vega | S. America

God has a tender spot in His heart for the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed. Psalm 82:3-4, Proverbs 31:8-9, Isaiah 1:17, Matthew 25:31-46, Luke 10:25-37 and Galatians 2:10 are just a few of the Bible verses that teach us this truth about God. As we serve the poor, the oppressed, the alien (refugees) and the widow, we are revealing God’s love to our world.

A significant part of SBC’s Missions “philosophy” will be to go to areas of great physical need and to serve in these areas. There is often a direct relationship between the great spiritual need in the unreached parts of our world (Muslim world, Hindu world, and Buddhist world) and these great physical needs. We are committed to following Jesus’ example to us as we serve where He leads us around the world.

SBC Missionaries Defending the Vulnerable:
Nabeeh & Ruba Abbassi |  Middle East
Barry & Abeer Cordova | Middle East
Jozef Demjan | Slovakia
Elizabeth Hirmiz | Middle East
Kevin & Debbie Ludwig | Papua New Guinnea
Isack Lyimo | Tanzania
Godsave Ole Megiroo | Tanzania
Grant & Christianne Walsh | S. Asia