Baptism is a meaningful experience available to every Christian. It is a symbolic action for a Christ-follower that powerfully illustrates:

  • the picture of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection
  • identifying with Jesus in those events
  • declaring faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord

Baptism is called an ordinance, meaning that it is something that Jesus commanded His followers to do. If you are new to faith in Christ or have never been baptized, you are invited to take this important next step in your spiritual journey. It is a great opportunity for you to tell and show others that you are unashamed to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

We offer an optional baptism class to help you prepare for this important step. Please pre-register below. If you are not able to attend a class or are registering for baptism after the class has occurred, one of our pastors or staff will contact you about your upcoming baptism.

Each adult or child being baptized must fill out their own pre-registration. If you prefer to have a particular pastor baptize you, please provide his name below. Note that Pastor Jamie is not available because of his teaching responsibilities, and baptisms are not performed in Grace Chapel. If you do not have a pastoral preference, simply leave this line blank and you will be assigned a pastor to shepherd you through your baptism experience.

Children/Students & Baptism at Scottsdale Bible:
 After your child has come to faith in Jesus for salvation, baptism is a great way to publicly share that decision. Children and students are asked to meet with their pastors to determine if they are ready for baptism. To schedule a meeting with the Children or Youth Pastor at your campus, please contact Janell Epley, 480.824.7280.

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