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SBC Family Ministry Philosophy

At Scottsdale Bible Church, we believe families have been called to:

Love Your Spouse Sacrificially
Parent Your Children Graciously
Work in the Marketplace Humbly
Handle Your Money Carefully
Serve Your Church Enthusiastically
Reach out to the Lost Compassionately
Care for the Poor and Downtrodden Generously
Live for the Lord Entirely

What is Grace Based Parenting?

Family Ministry at Scottsdale Bible Church has partnered with Family Matters in providing a grace-based relationship approach to our parent education and support program and by encouraging moms and dads to parent their children’s hearts instead of their behaviors. To learn more about Family Matters resources and view their current conference schedule here.

For an overview of the Grace Based Parenting philosophy, watch here.

Current Classes and Programming for Parents:

Family Connections
Sundays, 11am
Family Connections is a place for couples to be encouraged, equipped, and strengthened in their marriage and parenting through weekly teaching of biblical principles and authentic community with others in the same season of life. Our Discovery Kids and Youth Ministry offer programming for your children at this time. Join us!

We will begin the semester with a 5-week series designed to help couples see the value and reap the rewards of going deeper – in their relationship with Christ and in Christian community with other couples.

Couples Connections
Wednesdays, September 4–November 20, 6:30-8pm, Shea A4
Couples with and without kids are invited to be part of Couples Connections this fall on Wednesday evenings! Each week Bill Cavness and other members of our pastoral staff will share biblical principles to support you in nurturing your marriage and leading your children as you grow in community and friendship with other couples. Children age 4 through 4th grade are encouraged to register for AWANA. Students in grades 5th through 12th grade are welcome in our YTH programming. Childcare for children under 4 whose parents are attending an on-campus Wednesday night class is available for $25/family for the semester. Register for the teaching series that interest you or for the whole semester!

For Dads:

Men’s Bible Study
Tuesdays, 6:30pm, The Venue
Dads are encouraged to attend our Men’s Ministry Bible Study on Tuesday nights and get plugged in to one of the small groups designed to help men become godly husbands and fathers.

For Moms:

MOMS & MORE for Moms
Thursdays, 9:30am
We offer our MOMS program (for moms of preschoolers) and our MORE for Moms program (for moms of any age!). We have the program or class that is right for your season of motherhood.

Learn more and register for MOMS or Marketplace MOMS (for moms who work full-time).
Learn more and register for one of our MORE for Moms classes.

Grace-Based Parenting for Moms
Tuesdays, September 9–November 11, 9:30-11:30am
Using material from Dr. Tim Kimmel’s Grace-Based Parenting books as our guide, in this class moms will discover a refreshing parenting perspective that provides a realistic job description for raising spiritually strong children with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose, as well as help make an atmosphere of grace a permanent condition in our homes. You are also welcome to join us for a time of worship before class at 9am. Register here.

MOMS of Teenagers
Kick-off event: Thursday, August 15, 6:30pm, Cactus Family Life Building
First Thursdays, starting September 5, 6:30pm, Cactus Family Life Building
This group for moms of teens (moms who have any children between 7th grade and 12th grade) is a place to come alongside one another as we strive to raise teenagers whose hearts are connected with God’s heart. It’s a place to be encouraged, supported and equipped with practical tools and resources to help us navigate the crazy world we and our teens live in. Moms from all three SBC campuses and our surrounding community are welcome! Register here.

Recommended Resources

Parenting Philosophy & Discipline
We recommend the complete Grace Based Parenting series and more books by Dr. Tim Kimmel available at Amazon or at

Grace Based Parenting
Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right
Raising Kids for True Greatness
Grace Based Discipline
Why Christian Kids Rebel
The High Cost of High Control

Parents are encouraged to explore the principles of Grace Based Parenting through Tim’s books and to participate in the Right Now Media (online streaming) studies that accompany the series. These studies are a great opportunity to join with friends to learn and grow together as you support each other in your parenting journey! Create an account to access the SBC subscription to Right Now Media.

Teaching Your Kids about Sex
In this important area of your parenting, remember that:

  • It is YOUR responsibility to teach your kids about sex (but we are here to help you!)
  • You are the BEST person to do the job
  • Every child needs to know how God has designed sex – for pleasure and procreation within marriage
  • Talk to them early and talk to them often – it is not just one “big” talk but lots of “little” conversations
  • Every child is unique – so how we talk to them about this subject will be unique.  Know your child’s uniqueness and tailor your conversations.
  • Your views about sexuality and the health of your marriage has an impact on how your children will view sex.
  • An open line of communication is an important part of providing a secure love and a significant purpose for our children.
  • Your goal is to raise STRONG kids, not SAFE kids.

We recommend the following resources to help you with these conversations:

God’s Design for Sex Series – available on Amazon
Parenting in a Sexualized Culture – available at
Pocket Guide to Age-Appropriate Equipping – available at
A Communication Plan for Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Preparing Your Kids for an Online World
As our kids grow, we need to not only protect them, but also appropriately equip them to live in a digital age and be ready to make their own positive decisions about technology use in the future.

See a list of Internet and Media Resources here.

Parenting in a Sexualized Culture (available at includes an overview of a positive approach to technology that supports a protection/preparation balance.

Blended Families
Blended families face their own set of unique blessings and challenges. We recommend the Smart Stepfamilies organization for books and other helpful support and resources. You can also stream the Smart Stepfamilies study through Right Now Media. Access the SBC subscription and request an invitation to create your own account at Right Now Media.

Single Parents
Scottsdale Bible Church and Family Matters recommend this excellent resource by Gary Richmond for encouragement in the struggle of single parents to bring out the best in your kids while trying to balance finances, work, the and the needs of your children and yourself – on your own.  It can be ordered through Family Matters or Amazon.

Parenting Adult Children
For help navigating a season of parenting adult children, we recommend Doing Life With Your Adult Children by Jim Burns as an excellent resource for guidance and encouragement. This book is available through Amazon.

If you are lucky enough to be in this season of life, we recommend Extreme Grandparenting resources from Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel. It is available at or through Amazon. It is also available as a small group resource through Right Now Media. Create an account to access the SBC subscription to Right Now Media.


If you have questions or need additional support in your parenting, please contact our Marriage Pastor at