Offering Hope and a Future to Kids in Tanzania

Make An Eternal Difference By Getting Involved In This life-changing Project.


Through our two schools in Mairowa and Kondoa, Tanzania, lives and entire communities are being transformed, and you can be a part of it! Started in 2004, this project has grown to offer a quality Christian education, food, and healthcare to nearly 900 children each year, and hundreds are going on to secondary, vocational, and university training to write a brighter future.
The surrounding communities have also benefited from SBC’s investment in wells, solar energy, construction project, and agricultural initiatives to provide clean water, electricity, food and more. Even children in the local government schools are now receiving daily food, books, and more thanks to the people of SBC.

The heart of the Tanzania project is our Child Sponsorship Program, but there are many ways for you to participate in bringing hope to children in these communities.
For more information, please review this booklet or contact Bonnie Lathrop or Frank Thomas.

Sponsor a Child Now

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Ways to Get Involved

Sponsoring a child in Tanzania can be a life-changing experience. You can provide an education, nutritious food, health care and a hopeful future. Here are some ways to get involved:


Sponsor a primary or secondary student

Sponsoring a child in Tanzania can be a life-changing experience as you build a relationship and see him or her achieve a hopeful future. If you’re not able to become a sponsor, you can also give a one-time or recurring gift to meet urgent needs or help kids who don’t yet have sponsors.

To give, log in here. Enter the amount and select “Africa General Fund” from the “Sub-Fund” dropdown.

Sponsor A CHILD

Provide a Boarding School Dorm Kit

When students graduate from primary school (7th grade), they move away from home to attend secondary school and need to bring their own mattress, bedding, trunk, uniform, and more. Your $100 donation will provide all the items a new secondary student will need to live in a dorm for four years.

To give, log in here. Enter the amount and select “TZ Child Special Gifts- Dorm Kits” from the “Sub-Fund” dropdown.


Donate to our College Scholarship Fund

Only 6% of Tanzanian students attend university, but nearly 50% of our graduating students qualify to enroll. We’re educating the future leaders of Tanzania! Donating to this fund will allow a student to complete the final phase of their education if their current sponsor is unable to provide all or part of the $1,500/year university tuition.

To give, log in here. Enter the amount and select “TZ Scholarships” from the “Sub-Fund” dropdown.




Visit Our Schools in Tanzania!

See first-hand the power of a good education in the lives of our students and their communities.

Contact us to request more info about upcoming trips to Tanzania.

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Tanzania Sponsorship

Thousands of students have gained a quality education and heard about Christ’s love for them in our two schools, which produce some of the highest performing students in the district. The children receive two meals each school day (often the only food they receive all week), healthcare, clothing, and more.

Each child needs a sponsor, and your loving investment will prepare him or her for a transformed future. As a primary school student sponsor, you agree to donate $60/month per child, pray for your child, and send cards or letters with one of our teams. Download a letter template you may use.

Once a child graduates from our primary school, the cost for secondary school is $85/month. Advanced schooling or vocational training costs vary, but are typically $600-$1500 annually. Dual sponsorship is available for higher-cost secondary education.

New children are always being added to the program, and you can learn about current students who need sponsors here.

Secondary School

Students who graduate from seventh grade in our two primary schools will go on to Secondary School for four years (Forms 1-4.) SBC doesn’t operate our own secondary school, but we have vetted several private schools that provide an excellent education. Once students graduate from Form 4, several options are open to them. If they have performed well, they may go on to complete two more years of secondary school called A levels, and then possibly university. If their scores are not high enough, they may attend a vocational college where they can pursue careers in education, tourism, healthcare, or skilled jobs.

Currently, we have more than 700 students who are enrolled in secondary or vocational school or university. Our hope is that current sponsors of primary students will continue their support through this final step, as it is critical to launching a student into a job that will provide for their future. Without sponsors, these students would not have the incredible opportunity to continue their education from primary school. They now understand the value of a good education to help them rise above the grip of poverty and realize their dreams for themselves, their families, their communities, and their country.

Dorm Project

In 2018, we received a special Elders’ Fund offering to build a dormitory for adolescent girls who attend our Mairowa school in Tanzania. The details and need were shared in this video, The offering raised approximately $300,000, which covered the building costs as well as initial staffing for the dorm. Opened in January 2019, this dorm now provides a safe and comfortable place for the girls to live, study, and thrive as they experience God’s love and care for them.

Discover more about the Tanzania Project!

This booklet offers more information about the Kondoa and Mairowa schools, and you can also view Frequently Asked Questions.

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