Grace Marriage

Registration for 24/25 Grace Marriage will open later this summer. Stay tuned!

We are all taught to change our motor oil before our engine blows up. Or to go to the dentist for regular checkups to maintain good oral hygiene. Routine maintenance is common sense for the things that are important to us. So what about your marriage?

Grace Marriage is designed to help you routinely invest in your most cherished relationship. We’ll give you a path and a plan to help your marriage grow and experience more grace, more gratitude and more connection. Through these quarterly Saturday workshops, you’ll have the time, the tools, and the relationships to support your marriage in good times and in the more difficult seasons of life.

The $250 fee includes participation in all curriculum materials. You and your spouse will also have access to additional online tools for support and encouragement.

SBC Marriage Ministry is committed to creating relational community for couples to walk through life together.