At SBC, we think it’s important for people to get real with one another by being part of a smaller community within the larger congregation. Small groups of 8-15 people meet regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) to build relationships with each other and explore together how to apply the gospel to their lives. In a small group, you’ll be in a community where you can build Christ-centered friendships for encouragement and support, and where you can grow in your relationship with Jesus through Bible conversations, prayer, serving together, and enjoying life together!  We support more than 200 small group communities that meet all over the Valley on virtually every day of the week, representing singles, couples, and mixed groups of all adult life stages.

If you are looking to join a group, we have a tool to help you find a group taking new participants. To view these groups, click on ‘Find a Group‘ where you can view groups by type of group, night of the week and campus. If you’re interested in one of these groups, fill out the contact form on the page or contact the SBC groups coordinator at or 480.824.7299.