One of our highest priorities is creating a safe environment on every SBC campus to ensure the protection of each child and adult who visits our church. We are continually updating our safeguards and procedures to give parents and families confidence in SBC’s care and professionalism in handling any potential concerns.

Here are some steps we’ve taken to protect our kids and vulnerable adults:

  • We have established a Minor and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Committee that includes both SBC staff and volunteers. This committee is responsible for creating and overseeing best practices to protect minors and vulnerable adults from inappropriate sexual behavior and/or predators. They are tasked with being the first to handle any allegations in cooperation with law enforcement. The committee also recommends any ongoing personal or pastoral support for those involved in an allegation.
  • We have video cameras installed on all campuses in rooms where minors or vulnerable adults meet.
  • We have reinforced training for all volunteers who interact with minors and/or vulnerable adults, and each one is being trained in the mandatory reporting process.
  • We are performing regular audits of our systems to ensure adoption of all safety and security policies.

Our on-boarding process for all volunteers dealing with minors and vulnerable adults is extensive. You can view the process here.

To learn more about SBC’s process for handling and reporting any allegation of improper behavior, view this chart to see the steps we have established.

If you need to report an incident, you may email to reach our committee who will walk you through the process.

SBC offers a Parent/Guardian Training video designed to give parents a basic understanding and awareness of child sexual abuse and the grooming process of abusers. The video is produced by Ministry Safe, a company created by legal professionals who are sexual abuse experts. To request a copy of this video training, click here.

SBC also has several support groups to support individuals and families who are dealing with the consequences of abuse and other challenges. View groups.

Another resource that provides good material for parents about how to respond if a child discloses potential abuse may be found at this website: