Praying for Scottsdale Bible Church’s leaders, ministries, congregation, and the community.

Prayer Team members commit to:

1. Pray daily. Members receive weekly prayer emails. They commit to keeping all prayer requests confidential including not forwarding emails and not having conversations about the requests.

2. Participate in after-sermon prayer time on Sunday mornings. Members are available to pray with others in front of the platform after each service time. They pray for those leading the service, those attending, and those in our community who are not yet believers.

3. Gather each quarter for equipping, encouragement, and corporate prayer. The dates of these meetings will be emailed to you.

4. Attend additional and/or special prayer meetings. All Church Prayer Nights are scheduled when leadership senses a need/urgency for corporate prayer.

5. Commit to at least one Scottsdale Bible fiscal year (July –June). You may renew annually as you feel called by God to do so and are confirmed by leadership.


Prayer Team members should be members of the church or pursuing membership, and small group participation is highly encouraged.

Suggested Reading: The God Who Hears, W.B. Hunter, IVP   ISBN-10: 0877846049   ISBN-13: 978-0877846048

We are looking for those who have a heart to pray for others. If you would like to be a part of our Intercessory Prayer Team praying for others after the service time you attend,  please let us know by emailing