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As we look ahead to the promises that Easter brought, we also pause to remember that darkness loomed before the light of salvation was shown.

This year’s Journey to the Cross is a multi-sensory creative expression designed to help you reflect on Christ’s final days before His crucifixion. Each weekday, we are sharing a devotional, artistic reflection, worship video, story, or opportunity for you to participate in a spiritual response. We pray as you take time over the days leading up to Easter to engage in this journey, you will be blessed, challenged, and encouraged in the hope of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection.










“The Weight” by Meghan Johnson

From the artist:
We are told in Hebrews that we are to lay aside every weight that hinders us from running the race that is set before us. More often than not, I think we willingly hold onto things that hinder us until the weight has us stagnant and unmovable. These hindrances come little by little, bit by bit through comparison, bitterness, selfishness, and a number of other things. Rather than carry the weight of sin, we would be better to pick up our cross and take on His yoke that is light.





Music By:

Repentance – Gable Price and Friends






“The Contradiction” by Meagan Bateman

From the artist:
We often get lost in the swirling of our own minds. Although we know in our heads the light that Jesus can bring, the darkness of our sin and the realities of a fallen world can weigh down our hearts. All the while, Jesus beckons us to come to Him. He invites us into His presence and lifts our weight.






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