Embracing Easter: Illuminating the Journey of Faith and the Everlasting Hope of Jesus


In celebration of Easter, our intention was to illuminate the diverse facets of our faith journey and the reality of who Jesus is. As we look towards what the year holds, let us remember the everlasting hope of Jesus’ life and the wondrous manifestations of God’s work among us in our daily lives.

Join us on a journey, a call for you to quiet your mind and soul as you focus on Jesus and the story of His resurrection.

Just as a mosaic artist imagined a new creation from broken pieces of something else, so God works in our lives to bring restoration and beauty out of our broken places. This year’s Palm Sunday, we offered a free seven-day devotional book that walked you through movements of God in history that illustrated this theme. As you engaged with it, we invite you to reflect on God’s loving artistry in your own life and how he has created beauty out of brokenness.

Download Mosaic The Family Guide