As a multisite church with three campuses and five congregations, we’re reaching our community in new and greater ways. Better Together is our opportunity to support the growth and outreach potential God is bringing to us by making much-needed improvements and additions to our two multisite campuses—North Ridge and Cactus.

We have much to celebrate related to our newest campus, SBC North Ridge. The result of a God-orchestrated merger, this campus opened at 6363 E. Dynamite Blvd. in Cave Creek on January 12 and is now welcoming more than 1,000 adults and 250 children and youth to services each weekend.

We are renovating the North Ridge Campus to provide the technology and environments needed to create an experience similar to our Shea Campus. Since January, the worship center has been improved with new technology, chairs and carpet; and the children are enjoying a new playground. However, we are still implementing the full scope of the plan to improve the Discovery Kids and Youth spaces and to build a café and resource center.

Our Cactus Campus celebrated their sixth year as an SBC campus this past fall and is experiencing exponential growth, with plans to launch a fourth worship service this spring. Their current classrooms and ministry spaces are inadequate to serve the needs of the families who are attending, and the campus needs to be brought up to the standards of excellence in security, children’s and youth ministry space, technology, and environments of our other SBC campuses.

Better Together is our opportunity to support the full implementation of the updates to the North Ridge Campus and the critically-needed enhancements and additions to our Cactus Campus. The overall goal is to create more space for people to encounter Jesus and to improve ministry effectiveness at these campuses.

God has already been working miracles and transforming lives through these SBC campuses, and we want to join Him by providing an open door and experience that will draw even more people closer to Him. Pray that the Lord will continue to unite us as one body and further His plans to make us “better together” as we humbly seek to serve and reach our community for Christ.

To participate financially in this opportunity, we invite you to make a two-year pledge here. You may also give a one-time gift by selecting the “Better Together” designation here. Thank you for joining us in this life-changing effort!


 In this video, North Ridge Campus Pastor Kevin Yule and Cactus Campus Pastor Rick Holman share about the plans and needs at their campuses that would be fulfilled as part of the Better Together campaign.


We were originally planning to purchase land and construct a campus in North Scottsdale. The proposed project had an estimated cost of about $18 million and would take up to three years to open. Our attention had focused in North Scottsdale because of the 400 families living there who traveled to our overcrowded Shea Campus each week.

Little did we know that God wanted to open a door we hadn’t seriously considered. Our merger with North Ridge Community Church cut the project price to under $4.8 million and moved the timetable up by almost three years!

Our Current Reality

  • SBC North Ridge opened January 12, 2019 and sits on 33 acres of beautiful property on the corner of E. Dynamite Blvd. and 64th Street.
  • With the current footprint, by making cosmetic and technical enhancements, the site can handle about 2,000 in weekend worship with three to four services.
  • Originally planted by SBC 25 years ago, North Ridge’s philosophy and approach to ministry was very similar and they were hosting weekend services for about 800 attendees.
  • The acquisition of North Ridge required SBC to assume their existing long-term debt of $1 million.

Our hope for the future

  • In order to create a fully viable SBC campus at North Ridge that will attract current and new attendees, we need to bring the facility up to SBC campus standards.
  • In the auditorium, we added new chairs, made technical enhancements, and created a broadcast friendly environment.
  • In the kids spaces, we are enhancing the rooms and entry-way, adding branding and signage, and improving security. We recently completed a brand new playground space.
  • Finally, we will expand the parking lot and make IT infrastructure improvements. All projects should be complete by Easter 2019.

In order to fully reflect the uniqueness of SBC and to help North Ridge become the chosen destination for current and new attendees, it is essential that the campus take on the look and feel of an SBC campus as effectively as possible.



Three short years ago, we could not have predicted what God would lead us through or what He would place in our path! In the last two years, our Cactus Campus attendance has exploded beyond its capacity, leading us to launch a third weekend service and begin discussions about a unique fourth weekend service launching soon. As amazing as this is, it has pushed our facility to the utter limits of its ability to meet the needs for kids, youth, and adult programs.

Our Current Reality

  • Affectionately called ‘the Bunker,’ we operate far from the SBC standards for space by conducting a multitude of ministry programs in what is essentially a double-wide trailer.
  • With no thoughtfully planned large group kids space, we hold our large group experience in the lobby of the Family Life building, which is located outside the other kids classrooms, creating noise and congestion issues.
  • There are no restrooms or water accessible from the inside of the Family Life building, creating multiple issues for teachers and volunteers.
  • The lack of needed square footage to support weekend programming and weekday ministry places stress on our ability to carry out our mission.

Our Hope for the Future

Our plan is to construct a new two-story Family Life building, which will bring the Cactus Campus up to current SBC campus standards. The additional high quality space will match the Cactus worship center seating capacity allowing the campus to meet the real needs of weekend ministry for kids, youth
and adults.

Cactus Campus is ideally situated to serve and minister to its neighborhood, however a lack of space that meets the SBC standards for excellence will have a significantly negative impact on this congregation’s ability to continue to grow and attract new people.

Because of this, our plan is to construct a two-story program space to replace the Bunker (a double-wide trailer serving as our Student Ministry and multi-purpose space) that will connect to our existing Children’s building.