WILD (Women in Leadership Development)

Next Class will begin January 2019

What is WILD?
WILD is a leadership development program designed to equip women to more fully glorify God with their lives. The program focuses on helping women identify and develop their leadership potential and prepares them to serve with confidence in their spiritual giftedness and unique calling.

Program Objectives:

  • Inspire women through personal discovery and development of their gifts and skills.
  • Present curriculum that will challenge and define their unique calling.
  • Equip women for leadership within the church and beyond.
  • Create a community for accountability and support.

Program Cost: $100 for the entire program, which includes all materials and books

Attendance Expectations: Participants are expected to attend all WILD classes. This is to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit of this program.

What Can I Expect from WILD?
This is a one-year program and is set up with a small group format, allowing lasting relationships to begin. Classes are interactive with opportunities for you to get to know all the women in your class. During the year you will also have hands-on experience in leading.

Program Content: Development of “The Leader”

  • Character of the Leader
  • Developing Your Passion
  • Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Knowing Your Personality
  • Developing Your Mission Statement
  • Sharing Your Story
  • Care of the Leader

Development of “Leadership Skills”

  • Hats of Leadership
  • Leading a Small Group
  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Art of Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Tools
  • Project Management
  • Team Building

Practical Application of Skills: Opportunities of service in leadership at Scottsdale Bible Church

Program Format: To learn more about the WILD program, please contact Margi Galloway, Minister of Leadership Development at 480.824.7240.

WILD Testimonies:
The WILD training has impacted me by developing skills to become the leader that I’ve never pictured myself being. My confidence and faith is growing every day!! –Ramona Smith

My year in the WILD classroom has connected me to some phenomenal women, solid teaching, and a greater self-awareness that the Lord has used to guide service opportunities and enhance relationships. –Gayle Colletti

I learned more about my spiritual gifts in leadership through the WILD program than I did in 30 years of faith, four years of Bible college and numerous books and self-assessment tests. Investing two years in this self-discovery course and service to my church is one of the most beneficial and eye-opening experiences I’ve had the privilege of engaging in. I highly recommend this program to any woman with a desire to serve the Lord through the gifts in which He has chosen to bless her. –Michelle Fortin

One of the most challenging, but rewarding exercises during the WILD program was to identify my life mission statement! It’s a great measuring tool to gauge everything I do, or being asked to do! –Tanna Behling

The WILD class has given me the tools to begin a God-ordained transformation. I have learned so much about myself and why God created me the way He did. It has enabled me to embrace those God-given gifts to better serve others. I am forever changed, encouraged and motivated to continue on this journey of personal godly transformation as I go out to lead and serve. –Karen Limmer