Except in rare circumstances Scottsdale Bible Church does not have the capacity to fulfill room requests (including reoccurring meetings) through May 30, 2022.

Purpose Statement
God has provided the worship center, auxiliary buildings, and grounds (the “facilities”) to the people of Scottsdale Bible Church (SBC) for purposeful uses that build community within the congregation, benefits the community at large, and advances the cause of Jesus to bring people into relationship with God. While the facilities generally are not open to the public nor used for commercial purposes, SBC receives, considers, and fulfills occasional requests by approved non-members for its facility use. These requests are granted in consideration of several factors, including (but not limited to): date of the request and event, nature of the event, number and nature of events already scheduled, type of support requested or required for the event, and expected attendance. Facility use is given as an expression of Christian generosity, demonstrating in a practical way the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Facility use is not in any way an endorsement of any group or organization, unless explicitly declared by Scottsdale Bible.

Advancing the moral and scriptural teachings of the Church
Because SBC is a private, religious institution, its Facilities are not available for use by persons or groups who hold, advance, or advocate beliefs or practices conflicting with the moral teachings of Scottsdale Bible Church. These teachings are explained in the organizing documents of the Church including, but not limited to, its Statement of Faith and in the sermons preached from the pulpit. The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are the final interpreters and decision-makers concerning the use of Church Facilities. By submitting this request I agree to this use restriction.

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