Preparing for Marriage Testimonies

Preparing for Marriage

“Great class with great mentor couples and perfect structure/learning tools provided.”

“I really enjoyed the class very much.  We definitely learned a lot about what the future has in store.”

“Great for dating/engaged/recently married couples.”

“Excellent start to prepare the foundation for our union as husband and wife.”

“This class has been invaluable to us and I believe that the tools we have learned will help us to build a strong foundation for our marriage.  Thank you!  Thank you!”

“Loved the class!  We were able to take so much away from the different speakers.  Highly recommended prior to marriage.”

“Great guest speakers, mentor couples, and information.  I love the eclectic approach SBC takes toward marriage prep.  You’ve got a great mixture of expertise/knowledge; thanks for sharing!”

“Loved the class.  I learned a ton and it started a lot of good discussions for us.  I felt like the mentor couples were incredibly genuine and easy to talk to.  Would recommend this class in a heartbeat.”

“It was very helpful for our current & future relationship.”

“I learned so much, and it was very thorough.  It challenged me as an individual and the two of us as a couple.  It was well worth the time, money, and effort.”

“Very deep and insightful.  Stuff I never heard of before that I know now will be great tools used for a stable relationship that lasts.”

“The scheduling was fantastic, speakers were terrific, and leaders were top-notch.”

“The classes were very helpful and informative!  We’re excited to check out First5!”

“Loved the whole thing!”