New Series

Esther is the only book in the Bible that doesn’t mention the name of God. But that doesn’t mean He was absent. His presence permeates this fascinating story and His divine providence is clearly seen.

In this new series, Pastor Jamie will address the times in our lives when God feels distant—seasons when our quiet times seem dry or we feel like He isn’t hearing our prayers. In this series, we’ll see that God is always active, even when we don’t see or feel Him. He is always faithful and sovereign, even when life doesn’t make sense.
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September 7/8 – God Behind the Scenes
September 14/15 – When Culture Meets Providence
September 21/22 – Humility
September 28/29 – Righteousness
October 5/6 – Making the Tough Call
October 12/13 – God Room
October 19/20 – Faithfulness
October 26/27 – Staying the Course
November 2/3 – Handling Power