New series starts June 29/30

This summer, we’re taking a closer look at the words of Jesus in His famous message, the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus teaches us that the “why” we do what we do matters more than the “what,” and His focus is on our hearts and our attitude of obedience through our love for Him.  Jesus’ opening statement, “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit…” encapsulates His desire for all of us to be fully dependent on Him. As a result, our obedience and desire to live for Him will flow from this dependence. Only God can affect our spiritual condition. Only He can change our hearts by emptying us of our pride and self-will and filling us with more of Himself. Join us this summer as Pastors Rustin Rossello and Kevin Yule unpack these truths and the keys to living the kind of life Jesus longs for us to live.

Watch the sermons from this series:

June 29/30 | Poor in Spirit | Rustin Rossello
July 6/7 | Abolish the Law | Kevin Yule
July 13/14 | Humility and Judgement | Kevin Yule

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