New series starting January 11/12

God’s undeserved favor and goodness toward us is demonstrated in countless ways, but most dramatically in the amazing gift of Jesus. God graciously offered His perfect Son to pay the penalty for all our rebellion and sin. It’s an immeasurable gift that sets Christianity apart from every other religion on earth, but it doesn’t stop there. He gives us more grace and kindness each day to help us live the lives we were created to live. A relationship with Christ is founded on grace, not performance or legalism. And there is more to grace than we’ve ever imagined. When understood and awakened in us, it can change our perspective, our actions, our identity, and our relationships with God and others.

Join us for this new series that will inspire and empower you to live in and experience more of God’s abundant gift of grace.

January 11/12 – Living Grace
January 18/19 – Is Grace Fair?

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