Financial Assistance & Stewardship

True stewardship means using our God given abilities to manage God-owned resources to accomplish God directed results. The Bible speaks more about finances and stewardship than any other subject. Our mission is to help you understand and apply biblical principles of stewardship to your life to glorify God and develop a stronger walk in Christ.

Through our Financial Stewardship ministry, you’ll learn what the Bible teaches about finances, budgeting, investing, borrowing, goal-setting and stewardship. You will also receive tools and resources to help you get on a path of biblical stewardship and stay there.

Whether you are enjoying financial well-being or struggling financially, single or married, small group or individuals, have a lot of time for a class or only a little, there is something for you.


Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

Retirement Planning Series
Wednesdays, September 11, 18 and 25, 6:30-8pm, Shea A5
Do you ever feel “sandwiched” between taking care of the needs of today while trying to plan for the future? If you do, or just want to learn more about retirement planning please join us for a three week series where we will learn how to build a foundation, make the most of what we have and establish a retirement income. If you plan to attend please email Joyce at

One-on-One Budget Coaching
This 5-week program utilizes Crown curriculum and tools. Our experienced budget coaches will meet with you individually to help you create your budget and give you the tools to stick to it (which is often the most challenging part). Please contact Joyce at or 480.824.7334 for more information and to set up an appointment.

Our Financial Help Process
If you are experiencing a financial need, call 480.824.7235, to leave a message on our Financial Help line. One of our Stewards of the Day (SOD) will return your call and set up a private appointment to see how we can help you. The SODs are here Monday and Wednesday mornings, and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. This is our process for requesting financial help of any kind.

Career Assistance Ministry (CAM)

If you are currently in or anticipate a job search, this ministry will help you gain support, learn top-notch search techniques, and network with other attendees.
Learn more here

Service Opportunities

You don’t need a financial or accounting degree to help out in this ministry. Maybe you have an experience that lends itself to helping others in this area, or you have a heart to serve and a skill or aptitude in this area. Whatever your reason, come visit us and talk with us and check us out.

We are growing and need help to serve the anticipated need. Contact Joyce Graham at 480.824.7334.

Teach a class

Our ministry provides training and practical applications using Crown Financial Ministries and Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University material. You may choose your level of involvement based on your availability of time.

The classes we offer are varied in subject and length. Group and table facilitators are people, like you, with a heart to help others learn basic biblical concepts.

We offer church-wide seminars and we promote awareness of Scottsdale Bible Church Foundation and tax credit contributions.

Be a Coach

If your aptitude includes tough-love, consider serving by walking alongside those who request personalized financial assistance by becoming a financial counselor. You will receive training in order to fill this great need.