Soles for Souls

For the 22nd year in a row, we’re partnering with Neighborhood Ministries and other local partners to provide more than 1,000 kids with a new pair of back-to-school shoes. At the Shea campus, we’re partnering with MentorKids USA, Maggie’s Place and Neighborhood Ministries to give shoes to kids in need. At Cactus, we’re serving kids at House of Refuge and Larkspur Elementary. Individual packets for these children will be available starting July 6 & 7, and shoes should be returned by July 21. If you have any questions, email

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Packet Preparation: Week of June 24–28
Packet distribution: July 6 & 7 (after services)
Shoe Collection: July 13 & 14 and July 20 & 21
Delivery to Neighborhood Ministries: August 3

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  • May I get more than two pair of socks? They come in a bundle.
    • Yes. Please leave them connected.
  • What do I do with the label with the child’s name on it?
    • The label will go on the short end of the shoebox.
  • What if I can not fulfill my obligation to get the shoes?
    • Please contact Jodie Rich and we’ll find a new sponsor.
  • I accidentally got home with a full yellow sponsor sheet. What should I do?
    • Fill out the bottom portion, take it to the Shea campus front office, and tell them it’s for Jodie Rich.
  • May I include anything else in the box?
    • No. We need to keep the boxes consistent. Please only include: the shoes, 2 pair of socks, your letter of encouragement. Your child’s label, with their name, will be attached to the outside of the shoebox
  • My shoes are for Cactus Campus. Who may I contact?
  • I cannot bring my child’s shoes to church on the weekend. Where is the front office?
    • You can bring your shoes to the church office M-F, 9am-5pm.
  • My child is a girl (boy) and the shoes are for a boy (girl). What should I do?
    • The children have specifically picked out their shoes. Go ahead and get what is on your sheet.
  • If I had to get something different than what my child specified what should I do?
    • Leave your yellow sponsor sheet in the shoebox.
  • How can I get involved with one of these ministries through the year?
    • You can find opportunities for each of these ministries on their websites provided on your packet handout.
  • What should I do if my child’s shoe size was sold out?
    • Follow the instructions of the Famous Footwear representative. If you end up with something different than the requested shoes, leave your yellow sponsor sheet in the shoebox.
  • The picture of my child doesn’t look like a child with this size shoe. What should I do?
    • Get the shoes requested. Each child was measured and assisted in selecting the shoes. That is the correct information.
  • What if Famous Footwear is out of the shoe my child requested?
    • The Famous Footwear representative will try and locate it at another local store or throughout the company. It will take 5-7 days and can be shipped to a store or home address. This is free to Rewards members.
  • What if Famous Footwear doesn’t have the color my child requested?
    • Famous Footwear has selected colors that should be widely available in all stores being shopped. Some may get scarce closer to the end of July. We encourage everyone to avoid substituting colors. Any substitution of style, color or size can be made at Famous Footwear based on availability. This takes 5-7 days and is free to Rewards members.
  • What if I’m not interested in the BOGO (Buy One Get One half off) sale and just want to get the one pair of shoes?
    • You are encouraged to shop before BOGO which starts on July 11. You will get the best deal on a single pair of shoes before BOGO starts.
  • What do I do with the picture in my packet?
    • Keep it, put it on your refrigerator, or a special place to remember to pray for them.