Parenting Class

Sundays, January 27-April 14 | 9am | ACU Student Activity Center, Room 213
Tuesday, January 29-April 16 | 6:30pm | Cactus Campus Bunker

Sometimes we just want the simple list of parenting “do’s” we think we need to get our kids to behave. We want the secret to obtaining their compliance with our wishes—to get them to just eat their vegetables, stop fighting, stop whining and complaining, and just let us eat, sleep and live in peace and quiet. Does God just call us to be the parent police to get our kids to do as we want until they are grown? Does He just want us to get them to obey for 18 years, and when they are grown, send them off to do life on their own? Is this what God desires in our parenting? Obviously not, though at times we all struggle with this approach to parenting.

God has a higher calling and a more hope-filled plan for our parenting and for our children. The truth is, God has called parents to be shepherds to our children just as He is a shepherd to us.  What does this even mean, and how can we do this?

No matter what age your children or grandchildren are, you are invited to join us for a 12-week study based on Pastor Tedd Tripp’s Shepherding a Child’s Heart series, as we search God’s Word for His equipping and encouragement for us as parents.

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