MERGE Stepfamily Conference

Friday, August 5 | 6-9pm | Shea A8
Saturday, August 6 | 8am-5pm | Shea A8 

$10 individuals, $15 couples

This event will provide insight and practical interventions to strengthen stepfamilies for success. The image of a merge symbol represents two families coming together. Like merging traffic, it can be tricky to navigate. Using the acrostic MERGE, Steve and Deanna take participants in a 5-step process to strengthen their family and ensure that their family thrives.
Manage: This occurs when we learn to identify our unmet expectations and surrender them. This module goes over several of the most common expectations couples have in their Merged Family
Educate: Education comes through training ourselves in merged family dynamics. This module looks at the Fruit of the Spirit in a unique way as it applies to our Merged Family.
Recognize: Recognizing where we are at in our Merged Family and learning to embrace it is a key aspect of this module. We will look at three common phases of a Merged Family.
Get Ready: This module looks at several potential areas of a Merged Family that we need to be prepared for.
Encourage: One of the key ways we bring encouragement to ourselves and others is by sharing our Merged Family story. This module will look at several ways our story can impact others’ lives.

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