Immerse: Beginnings

Immerse: Beginnings Summer Reading Challenge

This summer, we’re embarking on an all-church, eight-week journey to read through the first five books of the Old Testament together in a fresh, transformative way. Many of you joined us for the Immerse Messiah challenge in 2019 and loved it. This is a continuation of that same series, focusing on the first part of the Old Testament. Beginnings is written in the easy-to-read New Living Translation (NLT), and chapter and verse numbers have been removed so that it reads more like a novel.

We have several Beginnings discussion groups that meet weekly in person or on Zoom to discuss what we are learning. This is a great way to go deeper in your study, meet new people, and get more connected at SBC. Below is a current list of groups you can join. Please contact each leader directly for location and more information.

Immerse Beginnings Groups

Type of Group/LeaderSunMonTuesWedThursLocationContact
Anyone/Fountain Hills6:30pmNorth
Anyone/North Ridge9:45amNR
Anyone/Immerse & Worship6:30pmChapelRegister here


Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Day 1: pp. A9-7Day 6: pp. 45 -55Day 11: pp. 83-91Day 16: pp. 122-126
Day 2: pp. 7-16Day 7: pp. 55-61Day 12: pp. 91-100Day 17: pp. 126-133
Day 3: pp. 16-24Day 8: pp. 61-66Day 13: pp. 100-108Day 18: pp. 133-139
Day 4: pp. 24-35Day 9: pp. 66-74Day 14: pp. 108-113Day 19: pp. 139-145
Day 5: pp. 36-45Day 10: pp. 74-81Day 15: pp. 113-122Day 20: pp. 145-149
Week 5 Week 6Week 7Week 8
Day 21:  pp. 151-159Day 26: pp. 201-210Day 31: pp. 248-259Day 36: pp. 295-302
Day 22:  pp. 159-169Day 27: pp. 210-221Day 32: pp. 259-269Day 37: pp. 302-310
Day 23:  pp. 169-179Day 28: pp. 221-229Day 33: pp. 271-279Day 38: pp. 310-315
Day 24:  pp. 179-188Day 29: pp. 229-238Day 34: pp. 279-287Day 39: pp. 315-323
Day 25:  pp. 188-199Day 30:  pp. 238-248Day 35:  pp. 287-295Day 40:  pp. 324-327

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