I’ll Have It God’s Way

Thursdays, July 22-August 26 | 10:30am-12pm | Shea A4 | $20 (for materials) | Bring a sack lunch

Join Elke LeBoeuf for this Lunch ‘n Learn class where you will create the ultimate gift for your family, friends, clergy and physicians. This study equips you with the biblical truth, healthcare facts, and simple, practical steps you need to act on now, while you’re still healthy, to prepare you to live fully all the way to heaven.

  • Choose a healthcare proxy based on logic, not emotion.
  • Learn how to communicate to the people you love what matters most to you about your end of life.
  • Learn how to engage with the medical profession productively.
  • Learn the key to opening an honest dialog with your elderly parents.

Comments from others who have experienced I’ll Have It God’s Way.

  • “I felt a burden lift off of my shoulders”
  • “Eye opening”
  • “Full of new information”
  • “Our sons have been struck by our new-found sense of peace.”
  • “When I gave what I created in class to my doctor, she was thrilled and said, ‘I wish all of my patients would take this class!’”
  • “The key to opening an honest dialog with my elderly parents”

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