Healing After Abortion

Mondays, September 12–November 17 | 6:30–8:30pm | Offsite

Surrendering the Secret
God has given us the free gift of forgiveness and freedom and does not want us to feel guilty about our past. Many women carry around the shame, guilt and pain of a past abortion and do not realize their abortion(s) may be the source of their current relationship and life challenges. If you have had this experience, you can learn to accept God’s free gift of forgiveness and experience true freedom through Christ. Surrendering the Secret is a 8-week confidential Bible study using the book, Surrendering the Secret.

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Hello dear sisters,
You’re probably hearing a lot of voices right now—voices that may stir up feelings of hate, judgment, shame, or pain.
If that is what you’ve experienced recently, we are sorry.
We wish we could cup your beautiful face and let you know that you are seen.
You have not been forgotten.
You are loved and your pain is validated.
Your story matters.
You have been created with purpose and your past does not disqualify you. YOUR voice is needed now more than ever.
We want you to know that the Healing After Abortion ministry at SBC is here for you.
We are a team of women who have been where you are. We understand.
We know the way to freedom.
And we are here to walk alongside you and show you the way.
We will be offering studies again in September and are available to talk with you at any time.
This ministry was created for such a time as this and we would be honored to walk alongside you as God does His healing work.
With much love,
Your Abortion Recovery ministry team


For more information:

Call Corinna at 480.772.3732 or Terri at 602.615.9420
Facebook: Surrendering the Secret AZ
Website: Surrendering the Secret