Tuesdays, February 6–May 1 | 7-8:30pm | Shea A3

This is a weekly support group for people who are grieving the death of someone close to them. The GriefShare experience includes three key elements that work together to guide your healing process: video, small group discussion and the workbook. For more information on the GriefShare program, visit To register for the class, please fill out the form below with your information. You will be contacted by the counseling ministry before the class begins. If you have any other questions, please call the counseling office at 480.824.7239.

Discussion topics include:

  • Living with Grief
  • The Journey of Grief
  • The Effects of Grief
  • When Your Spouse Dies
  • Your Family and Grief
  • Why?
  • The Uniqueness of Grief, pt. 1
  • The Uniqueness of Grief, pt. 2
  • God’s Prescription for Grief
  • Stuck in Grief
  • Top 20 Lessons of Grief, pt. 1
  • Top 20 Lessons of Grief, pt. 2
  • Heaven
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