Create a community of Christ-followers marked by unwavering faith and unconditional love.



WIN people to faith in Jesus Christ; BUILD them up in their faith; then SEND them out to be “winners and builders” in their spheres of influence.



Regardless of what we are involved in, the four values of transformational Bible teaching, engaging worship, authentic community and service-based outreach—each supported by GRACE—are distinct to Scottsdale Bible Church and define who we are.




We live out our vision, mission, and values by encouraging one another to Get God through a relationship with His son Jesus, Get Real in community with others, and Get Out There to serve and share the love of Christ in our community and world.

Dear Friends,

This has been another memorable year at SBC. God is faithful and has blessed our church with fruitful ministry and growth during a year of continuing challenges in our culture.

He is empowering us to further our mission to reach people with the gospel, build one another up in community, and get out there to impact the world beyond our walls. Within these pages, you’ll read about some of the ways this mission is being carried out on our campuses, across the Valley, and around the world.

One of the highlights of 2021 is how God orchestrated the upcoming launch of our newest campus in Fountain Hills. This is the start of a significant vision He has given us for our next season of ministry that we’re calling For the Valley. I couldn’t be more excited about this faith-filled initiative to partner with under-resourced churches, care for local foster kids, and go into new neighborhoods to reach the lost.

Each year, we gather stories of people who have experienced life change at SBC and are living out their calling to serve and follow Jesus. For every story we share, we know there are dozens more that are just as powerful. As you read them, I pray you’ll be encouraged to deepen your relationship with Jesus, risk getting real with others, and take that next step in getting out there to share the hope you have in Him with those who are lost, fearful, and hopeless.

Every number shared in this report represents someone who is part of God’s family because you and others shared your gifts, talents, and time with your church. I hope you will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired during this season. Jesus is building SBC and He is doing it through people like you. I am so thankful to be on this journey with you!

We’re one church in thousands of locations!

As we emerged from the unparalleled challenges of 2020, this was a year of renewal and adaptation. Our church family continues to gather both in living rooms and in worship spaces. We join to learn together, worship Jesus, and pray with people here in our city and around the world. Our online campus and our physical campuses are caring for people and meeting needs wherever they are—and SBC continues to grow.

I was born and raised in Denmark. My parents were good people, but church was an Easter or Christmas event, if that. As I got older, I believed in God enough to be afraid to say I didn’t. I was afraid to believe in heaven because that meant I would have to believe in hell, and I was sure that’s where I was going with the way I was living. I’ve always been afraid of dying for the same reasons, and the guilt and shame followed me all these years. When I needed help, I would pray. But as soon as I felt safe, I’d ignore God and do my own will.

In November 2019, my husband John and I had a health scare, and he suggested we go to church and get “connected” with God. I know it was God leading us to SBC North Ridge where we were welcomed with open arms and love. I felt at home at the very first service.

During worship, we sang: In Christ Alone and Yet not I. The words that stood out to me were all related to fear, shame and guilt, and forgiveness! I believe that was what God wanted me to hear and my heart burst open—I started believing there was hope for me, too.

I now have wonderful people around me who accept me for who I am and that is REALLY BIG. I thank God for loving, caring brothers and sisters in Christ who have surrounded my husband and me with love and prayers during a difficult time lately with my husband’s melanoma diagnosis. I thank the Lord for accepting me into His Kingdom and for patiently waiting for me all these years. I was running from Him, but He never gave up on me.

The more I learn about Christ and accept His love and grace, the smaller the hole in my heart gets. Confessing and repenting of things has given me a peace I haven’t had in many years, and I know it’s only by His grace that I am forgiven. I’m thankful God led me to SBC North Ridge and my new family in Christ. I am living proof that it is never too late to begin again, and I look forward to growing in my faith and bragging on Jesus.


SBC’s online presence continues to grow as we serve those who are unable to attend in-person services. This year, new features were added to help this community engage and interact with one another and pray directly with Pastor Ryan Heath or a volunteer during a service. Viewers from more than 29 countries are watching, interacting, and praying with us, the farthest being from South Africa, more than 9,800 miles from Scottsdale. The team has already experienced more than 330 one-on-one prayer opportunities this year.

Did you know SBC has a ministry sharing Christ’s love in senior living communities? SBC member Virginia Wolfe recognized a major spiritual need as she helped connect seniors to move-in openings at various senior communities and decided to help. Many seniors have spent their lives going to church and worshipping in community but lost these opportunities when they moved into a senior center. Sometimes the facility or a family member could drive them to a church, but for many, no such options existed.

Virginia reached out to Pastor Neil Montgomery about starting a ministry and was encouraged by his support. So far, she has helped bring Christ-centered services and fellowship to 12 facilities.

The need for outreach to seniors in our community is growing. At the peak of the pandemic, most facilities were completely isolated to protect their people, but now there’s an opportunity to share Christ’s love first-hand with local seniors. Some just want a Bible study, others enjoy watching the SBC online services as a group in their activity centers, and others just want people to show up to pray with or encourage them. To learn about joining SBC’s Senior Community Outreach team, visit

The first time I attended SBC was about 15 years ago and I would go sparsely throughout my teens and 20s. When I moved away to join the military, I came back twice a year to visit my parents and would attend SBC with my mother. I knew God was real, but I fought going to church regularly. In my late 20s, I moved to Washington, D.C., for a job, and started attending a church and a small group, but eventually fell away. Realizing D.C. wasn’t my forever home, I moved back to Arizona to be closer to family. After a demoralizing breakup, I was at a low point in my life. My mom suggested seeking out some assistance from SBC, so I reached out to the church. It was difficult at first because my friends and family who had once attended were no longer here and had moved away. I was determined to make God a larger part of my life. He was the missing piece. I asked around and someone who helped me through a difficult time, James, suggested I try a small group. After contacting the church, Karen in the Groups Ministry put me in touch with Hannah who reached out and invited me to her group.

Now, more than a year later, I would say I could not have found a better small group. I have solidly attended SBC for a year now, and in that time, I have grown so much appreciation for what this church does for the community around us and more importantly, what it does to cultivate a strong relationship with God. I became a member last spring and had the opportunity this summer to attend a leadership training with the person who interviewed me to become a member, Pastor Bob. If not for James, Karen, Hannah, and Bob, I do not know where my faith would be right now. I am happy to call SBC my church home.

SBC  became my home church when I moved to Arizona in 2017. Surprised by singleness 18 months later, I began to feel a sense of uncertainty as to how to fit in. One evening I visited the church’s website and discovered there was a group for singles my age. At first, I wasn’t sure this was where I belonged, but after visiting the group a few times, I discovered a welcoming community of fellow singles who shared their stories with me and I with them. This provided a healthier transition into this new normal than I had originally anticipated.

One Sunday evening, our singles group participated in the Spiritual Gifts Assessment offered by SBC, and we shared our results with each other. This inspired me to apply for church membership, and in the process, I met with Pastor Bob Drew. With thoughtful oversight, he allowed me to start teaching a class for singles. Since that time, I have been approved to teach other classes and use the gifts, education, and experience the Lord has given me to use in serving others, which is such a privilege.

Getting God (clinging to His sovereignty, goodness and grace), Getting Real (listening to and sharing with other singles) and Getting Out There (seeking a path of service to singles) has been how the Lord has allowed me to grow where I have been planted at this stage of my journey, and I am very thankful.

We’ve been attending SBC since 2010 and never expected or looked to become small group leaders. When our daughter, Robyn, was baptized here as a kindergartener in 2012, she invited her best friend to attend. We discovered her family had recently moved to the Valley and didn’t have a church. They started attending SBC and encouraged us to start a small group, which we did the following year when the girls started first grade. Robyn and her friend are now freshman in high school, and we are in our ninth year as a small group!

Over the years, we have had the blessing of being trained and mentored by the godly pastors in the Groups ministry, and the experience has grown our faith and dependence on the Lord. It has been both a challenge and a blessing.

Our group is a beautiful picture of unity in Jesus Christ. We have Protestants and Catholics, Republicans and Democrats, people with lots of tattoos and people with none. As we come together each week, we have some very interesting conversations, but they are always with gentleness and respect, being grounded in the love we share for Christ and for each other as we delve into God’s Word together.

Leading a small group is not always easy, but it is how God has called us to experience real Christian community. The members of our small group are the friends we’ve called in the middle of the night to sit with our children when we needed to go to the bedside of a beloved family member who was dying. We’ve prayed for each other during the hard events of life. We’ve shown up for each other in many tangible ways during the trials, tribulations and griefs that are a part of life this side of heaven. We’ve laughed and cried together, and every week we break bread together before we feast on God’s Word.

I am a senior at the Shea campus and YTH has impacted my life in SO many different ways! I used to be disconnected from church and doing my own thing, but I felt like God was telling me to come back. I used to not like going to YTH because I didn’t know anyone and felt uncomfortable. But God brought the best senior girls from YTH into my life. We are basically a huge family, and we encourage each other every day.

This last year has been the best year by far! God has revealed Himself to me so much since camp in May 2021. I always wanted to get baptized, but I was never at a point in my life when I felt it was right until the bus ride home from summer camp. I asked Xavier (Shea HSM Pastor) if he would baptize me. He said yes, and he had the idea of me getting baptized in the ocean on the last day of our mission trip in Mexico.

Just the fact that I was baptized in the ocean to give my life to Jesus after a trip that symbolized all of God’s children doing His work to serve others who are less fortunate is so amazing to me. Having all the YTH campuses gathered around and even random people on the beach cheering after I came up was just so powerful.

I feel like everyone’s expectation of life after you get baptized is that all your troubles in life magically go away, which is just not true. I still have troubles, but now I can go to God when I’m in a storm. I can now 100% rely on the one and only God and know He has my problems all under control. He is working not just in my life but in me. I’ve learned God doesn’t change because of what we do or don’t do, or what we have done. He is consistently chasing after us!

I grew up going to church with my parents. I believed in God but had never put my full trust in Him. My sophomore year in high school, I started becoming friends with the ‘popular girls.’ These girls weren’t popular because they were nice to people or got the most attention from boys—they were ‘popular’ because they drank alcohol nearly every weekend. To fit in, I decided to get involved with that, too.

Weekends were spent getting drunk with the girls. I made lots of friends and felt fulfilled and ‘loved’ because they wanted me in their group. I felt like drinking was my escape from reality and it made all my problems go away. This continued into my junior year, and I thought I truly had it all. But what I didn’t realize is that alcohol was disconnecting me from myself and from God.

Meanwhile, at age 15, I got my first job working as a restaurant hostess and experienced being sexually assaulted and harassed by one of my managers. I stayed silent for 11 months, convincing myself it wasn’t happening and that my coworkers were being treated the same way. But it got worse and eventually I came home from work crying and sometimes bruised. I would immediately go to my room and text my parents that I was ‘tired.’ I made excuses not to go to work and began having panic attacks daily, often seizing on the ground.

One day after school, I was sitting on my bed and had just gotten over a panic attack. I hadn’t talked to God in over a year. I said “Okay God, I can’t live like this anymore. I’m sheltering myself from everyone; I don’t want to talk to anyone. Please, if you’re real, show me.” I didn’t feel anything immediately and got upset that God didn’t seem to answer my prayer, but I started looking for Him in little things.

I eventually opened up to my parents and the restaurant about what was happening to me. After dealing with the court and the corporate office, I started therapy and was put on medication. As time went by, I realized how God had used both my drinking and the assault situation to ultimately bring me closer to Him. If I’d gone through those hard things without Him, I probably wouldn’t be here. Drinking didn’t fulfill me like I thought it did. I didn’t experience what being ‘fulfilled’ truly was until I had a relationship with Christ.

I got involved with SBC Young Adults at the end of my senior year in high school. Being able to go to YA every week has continued to help shape my relationship with God. The community there is so welcoming, and I am surrounded by such great and loving people. I still have hard days, and everything isn’t fixed, but God is working in my heart and He is good.

When I was seven years old, I was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma in my left leg. My cancer journey lasted a year and I had to face a lot of obstacles with my faith. We had to decide if we were going to be mad at God the whole journey or be grateful and let Him take over. We decided to give it to God and trust Him.

During my cancer treatment, we were given many miracles that I will never forget. The first one God performed for me was halfway through my treatment. I had a surgery to take out the tumor in my leg and we prayed every night that my tumor would be 100% dead. My doctor had only seen one person in his whole career who that happened to, but when it came time for the results, they told us that it was 100% dead!

The biggest miracle God gave me was when I went in for a surgery on my leg and the doctors told us that my cancer was back and I would probably not survive this time. We started getting messages from people around the world who were praying and saying that it was wrong. They said that the doctors needed to pull the slides again because there will be no cancer and that this is for the glory of God. Two weeks later when I went in to start another year of treatment, the doctors told us that they made a big mistake and that my cancer was not back and I could go back to living my life. I remember seeing angels all around me telling me that I will be okay.

I just celebrated five years cancer free! Then when I was nine years old, I decided to amputate my leg because I could barely walk and I wanted to just be a kid. I had to fight to do this because most doctors thought it was the wrong decision. God was by my side through it all, and the doctors even said after my surgery that my leg was so bad that if I didn’t amputate, I would have been miserable the rest of my life. Now I am back to being a kid and feel more alive than ever. I run, hike, climb, and dance (even tap).

I have been going to SBC since I was three years old, and this church has done so much for me through my journey. People at the church would bring us meals, cards, and videos. I am now 13 years old and love going to YTH nights and family nights. I love working with the Discovery Kids and helping Mrs. Karen lead worship. I have also joined the choir and the drama team, but my favorite activity is Winter Wonder. I am dancing and singing in it this year! SBC has done so much for me, and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

Our family—Mike, Marea, Lucas (12), Hayleigh (10), and Ian (8)—started attending SBC in March 2021 after watching online for several months. The Special Needs Ministry at SBC has been a spiritual lifeline for us. Our youngest, Ian, is severely autistic, non-verbal, and is about the equivalent of an 18-month-old. Before SBC, we could not attend church together as a family due to his needs. One parent would stay home with Ian while the rest of the family went to church. We felt so fragmented and alone. We asked God to lead us to a church that could care for Ian so we could worship together just once a week. But what we found at SBC was so much more!

Through the Super Kids ministry, we have been immensely blessed by not only the love and acceptance given to Ian, but by the compassion and understanding extended to our whole family. The leaders and volunteers see the inherent value of Ian as a person. They welcome him with big smiles each Sunday, have his favorite toys or calming mechanisms in place, and always express how glad they are to see him. They teach him about Jesus right where he is, even if that means playing some of his favorite worship songs as he runs around the room!

Ian LOVES church! And while he can’t say that with words, we know it’s true because he lights up and laughs every Sunday morning when we tell him it’s time for church!

The Super Kids ministry has helped Ian fit in the body but has also created belonging for our whole family. The workers understand that special needs touch the entire family dynamic. It’s common to see the leaders chatting with our two older kids and providing encouragement when we’ve been down in the trenches just trying to survive that week.

The special needs ministry at SBC is rare! Not many churches have the level of competence and care that makes up Super Kids. We know—we’ve looked!

In Matthew 25:40, Jesus said whatever we do for the “least” of God’s children, we are doing to Him—whether feeding the hungry, helping the sick, or welcoming the strangers. It’s not a far stretch to add to this list, “caring for those with special needs.” Ian will likely never hold a job, get married, or take the world by storm, but he is precious in God’s sight.

We’ve never felt so welcomed in God’s house with our family’s unique situation, and we’re so thankful God led us to SBC where we can ALL worship together as a family.

Ever since my late husband and I were transformed by Jesus in July 2000, I’ve been driven to ‘Get Out There.’ Why wouldn’t I? He changed my life! For the first four years of our new life in Christ, we served in the children’s ministry caring for the 3- to 4-year-olds. We also sang in the choir for eight years before God took my husband home to worship Jesus there. Now, when I’m not singing in the choir or greeting on Sunday mornings, I enjoy meeting and loving people around the world by serving on short-term mission trips. They remind me of how much I have been given and the responsibility I have to share it with others.

In my profession, I’m always striving to bring the light of Christ to everyone and consider each new person I meet an opportunity to bring the Lord into our meetings. I try to be the salt and light of Jesus in my workplace by taming my tongue, being kind to people even if they are not kind to me, helping others, and sharing the gospel with everyone the Lord places in my path.

Many clients come into my office scared and not sure of their future, but I grab their hands and bring the Lord into the details of their situation by praying for them, and the journey begins. Often, these experiences help people move from knowing about God to experiencing Him for the first time in a real way. In the end, most of them agree that ‘the Lord provided!’

The enemy loves to distract me with busyness, but I am learning to pray often and be intentional about staying connected and focused on Him. I’ve experienced what ‘Getting Out There’ does and believe with all my heart that the more we get involved in serving the Lord, the more our love and relationship with Him grows!

Today’s students are expected to have access to technology at home, but thousands in the Valley don’t have this luxury and are falling behind in school. The Covid-19 pandemic put a spotlight on this crisis known as the Digital Divide.

In late 2020, SBC leadership presented a God-given vision to help Bridge the Digital Divide in our city. We partnered with School Connect, a local non-profit, and the City of Phoenix, and asked the people of SBC to help raise $1 million to provide laptops for kids in need.

You responded with incredible generously and far exceeded our goal by giving more than $1.5 million toward this vision! This enabled our church alone to give 7,896 laptops to kids in 18 Valley school districts! The City of Phoenix purchased an additional 4,375 laptops, meeting the entire identified need in our city. In Spring 2021, laptops were delivered to the school districts who check them out to families.

By responding to this staggering need in our city, thousands of kids will have a chance to complete their schoolwork and achieve academic success. In addition, we were able to share the love of Jesus with officials in our city government, local school districts, and countless families in the Valley.

I’ve been serving at SBC for 21 years as a greeter and in our Matthew 25 Project that serves the homeless. Recently, I’ve been involved at the Justa Center in Phoenix, an organization providing resources and services to homeless seniors (55+). Often, older homeless get beat up and pushed to the back of the food line, so they rarely eat. In 10 years, the Center has helped 3,000 homeless seniors get off the streets and into safe housing.

The director allows me to bring my Bible and meet and talk with the participants. Recently, God directed me to a lone man at a picnic table. I introduced myself and we began to discuss why he was homeless. He shared that he had no family and had lost his career. I asked him where he received his hope, and he said he didn’t know where to find it. I tapped my fingers on my Bible and said, ‘all the hope you’ll ever need is here.’

This was the beginning of a special friendship. We had lunch almost every Saturday for four months and studied the Gospels together. He shared his life story, the ups and downs. Five months later, he asked to attend SBC and then joined our Men’s Discipleship class on Saturday. Two months later, he confessed and gave his life to Jesus! When I first started meeting with him, he didn’t smile, wasn’t talkative, but now he’s outgoing, gregarious, deeply transformed, happy. He said he hasn’t felt this good in years.

More people at the Justa Center need to experience that hope. Last Christmas, 24 volunteers from SBC hosted a Christmas Day dinner and church service for the seniors. All the volunteers said the experience made their Christmas more meaningful. More than 73 attended and we gave out 21 Bibles furnished by SBC. As we repeated the meal for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we became increasingly aware that the center’s kitchen needed a serious remodel. None of the electrical outlets worked, the sink plumbing leaked, cabinets were decaying from water damage, and the meager appliances were outdated and in disrepair. We developed a list of needs, got bids, and five months later, finished the project with generous gifts from the SBC Elders’ Fund and others who serve with us. The world is in upheaval right now and people at the Justa Center need hope—that’s what it’s all about.



In 2007, I was sitting in church and heard an announcement about a men’s work crew going to Africa. I thought, “I could do that!” I joined the crew and my journey began. Amazing friendships were started, and I’ve since gone on work trips to Israel, the Philippines, Mexico, and Africa. That same year, God called me to use my passion for wood working to start a Monday night woodshop for kids at Neighborhood Ministries in Phoenix. It’s a place for kids to learn skills, build friendships, and have a safe place to gather each week.

On my last trip to the Philippines, I met Dave Reynolds and Ed Phillips and shared my vision for the woodshop with them. We realized that the same work we were traveling 8,500 miles to do could be done right here in Phoenix, often in similar third-world conditions. Five years ago, they joined me, and we now have as many as 30 men who are willing to get their hands dirty, sweat, and learn new skills to improve the lives of others. They actively serve at the woodshop and fix homes in the neighborhood for those in need. Young kids from the neighborhood can’t wait to come each week and are helping run the woodshop. My wife, Mimi, has great vision and ideas and comes up with creative projects for us.

In these 14 years, we’ve discovered tremendous needs right here in our backyard and have seen kids grow up being nurtured by the ministry and now taking leadership roles and completing college. Over the years, I’ve learned not to be in a hurry but to sit down and listen to stories, build relationships, and love unconditionally.

I’m blessed to have the SBC men’s crew serve at the woodshop and participate in the neighborhood revitalization. Most of our men are shocked to see first-hand the great needs out there.

One young man from SBC, Jonathan, has applied his talents to start a robotics class at Neighborhood Ministries. This is a classic example of how God leads volunteers to blossom and use their God-given talents to serve.

I can’t tell you how many other stories there are of God showing up and making a difference in the lives involved. As He provides funding and manpower, we hope to do more housing work. The opportunities are endless. My vision is to get more men involved who want to help. Men need this in their lives; it brings us closer to God.

“When the World Shuts Down…God Rises up!”

2021 has been a challenging year, but God has done amazing things in Global Outreach. He raised up, prepared, provided financial support for, and sent out SEVEN new Global Workers from our church family! Four are serving among Muslim people, two are serving in Mexico, and one is in Europe. “It has easily been the most fruitful sending year we’ve had in the past decade,” said Pastor Ethan Collins. “I love how nothing surprises God and how He often uses terrible things to start ‘new things’ (Isaiah 43:19). What our enemy has used for death, destruction, and chaos, God used to advance His Kingdom—sending more new SBC global workers in a single year than He ever has before!”

I remember the night the Lord called me to go to the nations a few years ago. I was listening to a message on Romans 10. I knew Romans 10:13, “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved…” but never made the connection with the verses right after: “How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard?”

How the Lord broke my heart through His Word! How could I not go? To the ones who haven’t heard. The Lord put an irresistible fire in my heart to go, but I needed lots of guidance, wisdom, and support. That’s where SBC comes in.

I met Pastor Ethan Collins and the Global Resource Team shortly after this calling. They stirred the fire in my heart and helped direct it as well. I joined a Pathways class at SBC, and it gave me wisdom in understanding God’s heart for the nations. I then joined a Launch Global team in Tempe that helped me practically prepare for missions, especially in Muslim ministry. What a blessing those were from the Lord!

I currently serve in Sweden, where I do Muslim and university ministry. Sweden has not only the highest number of refugees per capita in all of Europe (mostly coming from closed countries like Syria and Iraq), but it’s also one of the most secular countries in the world with only 5% of Swedes practicing Christianity or going to church. God has called us there to bring light to the darkness, just as He did when He came into the world.

It’s quite difficult to express the joy and stability that comes with a sending church that fervently prays and intercedes, generously and graciously supports, and eagerly “stirs up one another to love and good works” (Heb. 10:24). I can’t thank SBC enough for sending me to serve Him in Sweden. I am looking forward to the Lord’s return and our home with Him where we will rejoice with people from all nations together, forever!

Each one of us has a role to play in taking the good news of Jesus to the world! This first ever Mission ConneXion conference for the Southwest was held at SBC and included people from more than 20 churches coming together to discover their role in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. The conference featured  inspiring keynote speakers, 72 workshops, and representatives from 40 missions organizations.


14 students who started with us in kindergarten were part of our first high school graduating class and went on to University. In Tanzania, only 4% of the population graduates from high school, so this is huge!

18 young women from Mairowa entered our new “Internship” program organized by our Global Counseling Ministry. The program enabled them to gain practical work experience for careers they hope to pursue. At the same time, they were protected from vulnerable situations at home that they may have encountered during the school break.

New Government School Partnership
Last year, 200 students applied for 30 spots in our school in Mairowa. Because we are unable to accommodate all the students, we have decided to help the government school just down the street from our school. In 2021, we sent a team of men to help refurbish the school building including installing doors and windows and rebuilding their kitchen. We are now providing a nutritious breakfast for the students there who were getting no food at all during the school day. Parents are starting to provide lunch money for their kids, seeing how it improves their school abilities. A local government official told us he looks at our school in a totally different way now because of what we’ve done for the government school. He said, “Now we know you are part of us!”

Alpha en Español launched this fall at SBC Cactus. Started in the UK, Alpha is an international class that has impacted more than 30 million people with the gospel. SBC offers Alpha in English at Shea.

As Pastor Martin Gonzalez prayed about starting a Spanish Alpha class, he visited many people in the community and was deeply saddened by the evil he encountered. Several businesses exist to drive people as far from Jesus as possible, promoting witchcraft and encouraging people to pay money for spells, readings, cleansings, and supernatural protection from rival drug gangs.

Martin and a volunteer began visiting with day laborers in the Palomino community. These are men who wait on a street corner every morning for work in construction, landscaping, or moving. As Martin got to know these men, listened to their stories, prayed with them, and tried to help in any way he could, he decided to invite them to Alpha.

The men had many obstacles to prevent them from coming, but God had a plan. On the first day of class, several showed up, straight from a full-day’s work. They were welcomed, served a meal, and then watched a video and discussed their questions about God. One of the men was Azarías Marroquín, and Pastor Martin interviewed him recently.

“I didn’t know anything about Alpha. I just went because brother Martin invited me. That day we had a beautiful meeting because a lot of people came to learn what Alpha was. Our hosts were kind enough to offer us a meal before we began. The first thing I noticed was the unity between the people who came. Everything was organized and peaceful. We all shared different ideas about the things we were learning.

At the first meeting I learned some essential things that I didn’t know about the Word of God and Jesus Christ. I learned about Jesus’ life and what He wants for us. Also, I learned things to make life better, for us and for our families. I decided I wanted to recommend it to others and that’s what I did. I offered to bring my friends so that they could learn from Alpha, and four of them have come already.

I tell others that Alpha offers a lot of very important things to learn about the Word of God and truth. This helps us to live our lives the way the Bible tells us. My advice is that people desire to find God with their whole heart and live a peaceful life. When we don’t know God, we are lost.”

Currently, 20+ people are attending Alpha en Español and the team hopes to continue growing the community who attends and to start another class in 2022.

SBC Cactus continues to grow and be actively involved in reaching and serving their North Phoenix community. Now in its tenth year as an SBC campus, Cactus is nearing final completion of its new Family Life Center, a facility that will provide much-needed space for their growing and overflowing YTH and Discovery Kids ministries.

We’re excited about the incredible potential God is giving us through this expansion to grow our outreach to children, teens, young adults, and families in our community!




Serving is a critical component of SBC body life and how the Lord mobilizes His church to reach a lost and hurting world with the gospel. This year, several individuals have stepped into positions that are similar to staff roles and require a high level of commitment, consistency and skill.

As Strategic Volunteers, they commit to serve at SBC for at least 25 hours per week in an area of strategic need and commit to a one-year term or project completion. We are grateful for these selfless partners in our ministry and recognize their important role in helping our people Get God, Get Real and Get Out There!

Our current Strategic Volunteers are:
•  Jeff Goble, Long Range Planning Director
•  Richard Hoyner, Men’s Ministry
•  Lynne Misztal, Counseling & Global Outreach
•  Dave Scholl, SBC Project Manager
•  Mike Terlizzi, Men’s Ministry
•  David and Alice Thames,  Cactus, Special Ministries

“By God’s grace, I ‘surrendered’ my life at age 36 after a lifetime of religiously attending Catholic church. Until then, I was a performance-driven person, trying to be a ‘good guy,’ which I failed at regularly. As I read Matthew 7:21-23 and Ephesians 2:8-10, I realized I can’t earn my way to heaven through my efforts and that God called me to His family for a specific purpose. I am honored to serve in men’s ministry and to come alongside men who, like I once was, are deceived by the empty promises of performance, seeking significance in the wrong things, or simply without hope. I also see families being destroyed when men haven’t had a role model of what it means to be a godly husband and father. I pray God receives all the glory as the men of SBC and their families are restored through the gospel of Jesus Christ!” – Mike Terlizzi

“It certainly is an honor to be considered a Strategic Volunteer. More importantly, it is an affirmation of our church’s commitment to encourage and support those who are passionate about serving God with the gifts He has given us.” –Lynne Misztal

“We’re so grateful to be volunteer leaders for Cactus Adult Special Ministries. After serving with Young Life Capernaum’s mission to teens and young adults with differing abilities for 20+ years and as the Area Director for 15 years, in 2020, we transitioned the Capernaum adult ministry to SBC Cactus. We now have 50+ adults and six volunteers in the program and are so thankful for a welcoming home for our adult friends with special needs to be involved and grow in their faith.” – David & Alice Thames

For 60 years, SBC has been building a legacy of being For the Valley. We have planted churches, served with local ministry partners, and sent workers to share the good news in our city and world.

Like a mature tree with deep roots, SBC was planted and nourished by God with a mission to bring life to those around us. He has uniquely positioned us to reach far and wide with the love of Christ, like the branches of a tree providing shade and places of rest. Strong biblical teaching, sound theology, incredible worship, and godly Elder leadership have given SBC a solid foundation for moving forward with even greater impact.

The Phoenix metro area is not only one of the fastest growing cities, but also one of the least churched areas in the U.S. The state of Arizona is also ranked 49th out of the 50 states in charitable giving and service. We intend to help change that! Our neighbors face tremendous spiritual and social challenges, and God is calling SBC to move out in faith to address them using the resources and leadership He has entrusted to us.

For the Valley is an effort that we believe God will use to lead us into our next season of ministry and to continue that legacy in new ways. The three parts of this vision are to:

PARTNER with select evangelical churches to provide support for their ministry.

CARE for children in the Valley who are impacted by the breakdown of families and foster care challenges.

GO into communities where our people live and open campuses where they can invite their neighbors.

This vision to empower the Church, care for children in crisis, and reach the lost in their neighborhoods will require prayer and participation from all of us. More information about how you can get involved will be shared in early 2022. Begin praying now that God will lead us to the opportunities He has for us and that we will be prepared to respond to His leadership and direction.

The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches. – Matthew 13:31-32

A key component of the For the Valley vision is the launch of our newest campus in Fountain Hills. In January 2021, North Chapel Bible Church joined the SBC family after a long history of ministry partnership. Today, the growing congregation is excitedly preparing for the early 2022 opening of a newly renovated SBC Fountain Hills campus at 15202 N. Fountain Hills Blvd., the site of a former church built in 1974.

Fountain Hills was established as a planned community in 1970 by Robert McCulloch, the same man who brought the London Bridge to Lake Havasu. He brought the fountain to Fountain Hills to draw people into the town. Currently, about 26,000 people live there during the high season, including many young families, but only about 8% attend church (compared to 18% in Scottsdale).

We believe God is calling us to make a difference in this community for Christ. Many SBC families who already call SBC home live in the town and are excited to reach their neighbors.

A team has been praying weekly over the property since this fall, and we are ready to be a part of God’s Kingdom plans for Fountain Hills!

FY 2021/22 Budget

God continues to bless and grow SBC, and your generosity supports our mission. Our approved spending plan for the 2021/22 fiscal year (July-June) includes a budget of $20.7M plus $1.5M in anticipated direct support missions giving, resulting in $22.2 million in total expenditures. This is a budget that communicates faith that we plan to continue growing and pursuing our mission with passion this year.

Individual Assistance Provided
$80K     Housing/Utilities Assistance
$25K     Counseling Services 
$25K     Medical Assistance
$20K     Transportation

Elders’ Fund Community Outreach
$72K     MentorKids USA
Expanded after-school program to include high school

$70K     Adult & Teen Challenge
Opened two thrift stores

$35K     GoTen 
After-school program staffing at refugee apartments

$33K     Thrive AZ 
Counseling staff to support aged-out foster kids

$25K     MentorKids USA 
K-12 transportation costs for Palomino

$25K     Death2Life 
Suicide prevention hotline and services

$25K     Hustle-PHX 
Training for Hispanic small business leaders at Cactus

$25K     Thrive AZ 
Housing for aged-out foster youth

$15K     House of Refuge Sunnyslope 
Kitchen and dining room remodel

$14K     Native American Partnerships
Hope Response, CHIEF, Navigators

$10K     Chaplaincy for the Homeless 
Chaplain support at several homeless shelters

$10K     Foothills Food Bank
Holiday food needs

$10K     Harvest Compassion food Bank 
Holiday food needs

$10K     Paradise Valley Community Food Bank
Holiday food needs

$6.4K     Shop with a Cop


Ways to Give  |  Text 480.771.1722  |  SBC App
Every gift to SBC supports ministry to our church body, to our local community, or to our partners around the world. We are overwhelmingly grateful for your financial partnership and honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and financial integrity.