Special Ministries

The purpose of Special Ministries is to ensure that people with special needs have a safe place to learn about Jesus Christ, worship together and build community. We are intentional in our easygoing approach for all to experience His life transforming love and grace.

Our classes and events are filled with loving volunteers that joyfully come alongside our students to make them feel welcome and comfortable learning God’s word.

Special Ministries has over 100 wonderful students on our roster list. 85% of our list are adults with different abilities and needs. We have two amazing classes for adults: Sunday, 9:30-10:45am in E102 and Thursdays, 6:30-8:15pm in E105. Both classes are filled with great teaching from some fabulous volunteers using easy to understand language, lots of visuals and backed with a great sense of humor. We offer worship music and time for prayer requests from each student.

SuperKids, our younger students, meet every Sunday, 9:30-10:45am or 11:15-12:30pm in E103. Both classes for SuperKids has Bible study including easy to understand teaching including visuals from Power Point and a short video to keep the kids engaged. The kids have plenty of time to enjoy our sensory room; our bean bag corner, a full size swing, plenty of light up toys and a sweet fish tank to keep us entertained.

Special Ministries offers O.F.F. Night “Our Fun Friday” the first Friday of every month to offer the night “off” for parents or for the whole family to enjoy a night of fun taking a night “off” from Bible study to invite friends who may not usually come to church. Be sure to check out the website calendar for other upcoming events and fun activities.

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