Marriage is More Than a Wedding
We believe your wedding is more than just a ceremony. Marriage is a covenant intended by God to be a lifelong relationship between a man and a woman. Marriage was God’s idea and we place a high value on the marriage covenant. Marriage is sacred because God ordained it. Throughout God’s Word we see over and over again the importance God places on the husband-wife relationship and the valuable benefits of that relationship. You are going from “I” to “we/us,” and it will be important to learn how to make that transition easily.

There are two things we would like to help you with in your preparation for life together. We want to serve you both in the planning of your wedding and also in the future growth of your marriage.

  1. The wedding. We want this day to be all you desire it to be as you celebrate your covenants and vows together with friends and family.
  2. Your marriage. We would like to come alongside and help equip you with principles from God’s Word that will encourage and build your relationship.

Why should you have your wedding in a church?

With so many couples living without the benefits of marriage (and there are many benefits of marriage), each wedding is a reminder that God’s plan is one man, one woman, united in marriage. While the number of weddings has sadly declined, so have the number of weddings held in a church. The trend today is a wedding held outside or at a destination resort.
The wedding itself can be an evangelistic tool. Sure, Scottsdale Bible is just a group of buildings and “the church” is the people who are followers of Christ. And yet, the buildings are where the regular worshiping community gathers. Inviting your non-church-going family and friends helps them see clearly that “church” can be a warm and inviting place.
For centuries, weddings have taken place in church buildings. In the 21st Century it continues to help focus those who are present on the fundamental relationship with Christ that is illustrated by God in marriage. Outdoor and resort weddings can be quite wonderful, and God is without a doubt present there as well, but the wedding set in a church is, for participants and visitors alike, a more intentional focusing on Christ.

Wedding Instructions for Scottsdale Bible Church
Scottsdale Bible Church facilities are available to members (those who have attended membership classes, been interviewed and accepted as members) and regular attendees (those who attend regularly, but have not gone through the membership process) and others who desire to make their wedding a testimony to their relationship with Jesus Christ and their desire to covenant with God in marriage. To qualify for member fees, either the bride, groom or member of either immediate family (father, mother, brother or sister) must be an active member or regular attendee of Scottsdale Bible Church.

The sacredness of marriage is described throughout the Bible. In light of this, we are committed to providing a biblical foundation for each marriage through training and counseling prior to the wedding. This is accomplished by individual counseling with the officiating pastor plus a marriage preparation class: the four-week Marriage Preparation class or an equivalent class from another church approved by the officiating pastor. For class information and registration, please call our Marriage Office at 480.824.7238.

Steps to Scheduling Your Wedding

  1. Obtain a copy of our Wedding Book and read it thoroughly. Many of your questions will be answered within its pages. If you have further questions, contact Marriage Ministry office at 480.824.7238.
  2. Download the Wedding Application and complete it to bring with you to your interview at the church office.
  3. Register for our “Preparing for Marriage” classes. Click here for information about upcoming class dates and registration. If you are unable to complete a course on the dates available or before your wedding, your officiating pastor will be responsible for equivalent marriage counseling. Note: The source of your pre-marriage counseling needs to be determined before the pastor can sign your application.
  4. Call the Marriage Ministry at 480.824.7238 and make an appointment with the Marriage Pastor. In your initial interview with the pastor, you and your fiancé will need to bring your wedding application and deposit. After you get the pastor’s signature on your application give both your application and deposit money to the Marriage Administrative Coordinator.
  5. Your wedding coordinator will be assigned and will contact you in approximately two weeks following the approval of your application. Your wedding coordinator will answer any questions you may have regarding your rehearsal and wedding. You may complete the Wedding Worksheet form and bring it to your first appointment with your coordinator, or bring it to the appointment and she will help you complete it. Please direct all wedding questions to your coordinator, as she is your liaison with the church. Should you have any questions regarding your wedding coordinator assignment, call the Marriage Ministry at 480.824.7238, and we will be glad to help you. If you are having your reception on our campus, a reception coordinator will be assigned and will contact you regarding those details.