Whether you’ve been married four weeks or 40 years, if you have or want a vision for a marriage transformed by Christ, we have the means to help you get there. Creating a good marriage takes more than just compatibility and love. To see your marriage transformed into something beyond the norm, it takes a vision for what God can do to grow your marriage; an individual, intentional and purposeful walk with Christ; a covenantal commitment to one another; and ongoing learning and service together.

Our Marriage Proactive program offers an opportunity to take the online Life Innovations Relationship Inventory. After registering, you and your spouse will each answer the questions online. Shortly after, you’ll receive a personalized 10-page PDF report that shows your relationship strengths and growth areas and covers topics such as communication, conflict resolution, roles and responsibilities, spiritual beliefs, financial management and parenting.

Along with your individual report, you will also receive a printed guide with suggested activities to help the two of you move intentionally closer. It includes suggested books to read together, Bible studies for you and your spouse to consider attending, places and ways to consider serving together, and an opportunity to review your report with the Marriage Pastor, if desired.

If you’d like to take part in Marriage Proactive, you may get started below. The $39 fee covers the cost of the Life Innovations inventory, the 10-page report, the guide, and an optional personal review with the Marriage Pastor.

We also have a great resource for parents called Parent Proactive. Click here to learn more.

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